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Wake on LAN / Waken on WAN motherboard for LGA 2011 socket - how to do it?

Discussion in 'Intel' started by Netman, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Netman

    Netman Guest


    I would like to ask you for help.

    I am going to change my PC computer into new one
    which will have Intel Sandy Bridge E processor
    with LGA 2011 socket. I want to buy the motherboard

    I don`t know what motherboard I will have to choose,
    because I want it to have one thing.

    I work as developer in IT company and I want to have
    possibility to start up remotly my new future private computer which
    will be standing at my home. I heard that such motherboard
    should have Wake-on-lan function. I mean bios setting of course.

    I heard that there is something like Wake-on-Wan function too.

    Now I have to you a few questions:
    1) Are there any motherboard with Wake-on-Wan function?
    Or maybe there is only Wake-on-Lan function (WoL) on
    2) Does WoL motherboard (bios) function let me start up my new
    computer from different LAN through internet? Does WoL function
    work only when I try to start up such computer through the same LAN?
    3) If there is such possibility to start up my private computer from
    LAN can you give me the code example to do it using Windows command
    console? Can you tell me if it needs some configuration changes on my
    DLINK DI-524 router? Or maybe I will have to purchase a new router?
    Can you tell me how to find the right router to let me do so?
    4) If there is such possibility to start up my private computer from
    LAN can you give me how such function is called? I will know how to
    find the right motherboard.
    5) Is it possible to start up remotly any computer which doesn`t have
    WoL and WoW function on motherboard?

    Thank you in advance for help
    Netman, Oct 28, 2011
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  2. Netman

    daytripper Guest

    Neither NICs nor Motherboards are "WOW" aware, but virtually all are "WOL"
    aware. The difference is predicated outside of the platform hardware and
    With WOL ability, a bit of software on the WOW issuing system, and a
    compatible router in between (plus a known IP address or domain), you can
    indeed wake up a WOL-capable machine from outside the LAN.

    For one fairly well written example of what's needed to make this work, refer
    For both sets of questions, see above. There's enough there to guide you to a
    functional conclusion.
    If a modern motherboard-based NIC doesn't support WOL, there's probably little
    chance that it supports the WOL capabilities of a plug-in NIC. But I'm not
    aware of any current NIC chip or chipset-embedded NIC function that does not
    support WOL, and as the hardware required at the motherboard level to support
    WOL is a trivial utilization of the same hardware required to support ACPI S4
    Sleep state, it would be incredibly lame to sell motherboards that omit this


    daytripper, Oct 28, 2011
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