Wake-on-LAN with P2B and 3Com 3C905C

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Oleg Ace, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. Oleg Ace

    Oleg Ace Guest


    I'm trying to get the Wake-on-Lan feature working with:
    Asus P2B pcb 1.02 bios 1014 Beta 002 and
    3Com 3C905C-TX-M network card.

    I enabled Wake-on-Lan in BIOS, and connected the wire from the card to the

    When the system shuts off, the lights on the network card remain on, so I'm
    guessing it's getting standby power. Yet no magic packet will turn it on, I
    tried the AMD app, as well as 2 others.

    One thing I'm confused about is the wire, since the manual gives a different
    pinout from the standard Wake-on-Lan one...

    If anyone got a similar setup working with WOL, please let me know how you
    did it. Any other advise with regards to getting it working would also be
    most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS. Is there any nice way of remote shutdown, when running Windows XP?
    Oleg Ace, Jul 31, 2004
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  2. Oleg Ace

    Paul Guest


    The 905cuser.pdf document talks about a diagnostic program. Have
    you installed that and tried it ?

    The TX-M card has dual wakeup connections. In a PCI 2.2 motherboard,
    no cable is needed, as PME is on the PCI connector. On the P2B, you'll
    need the cable, as the PCI bus isn't 2.2 version.

    The 3COM pinout is mentioned here:

    "With the dovetail key slot at the bottom, pin 1 is located
    on the right

    Pin 1.....+5V Standby power
    Pin 2.....Ground
    Pin 3.....PME (Power Management Enable) signal

    | 3 2 1| <---- I made this figure based on the description
    --- --- but this cannot be right! Other Asus docs
    like the P3B-F manual show the reverse order
    for the pins. I must be interpreting the
    3com info incorrectly.

    Hmmm. The P2B manual shows the third pin is "no connect", instead
    of being PME. They cannot be serious. How could that work ?
    And the two pins they do show, don't line up with the info above.

    The kicker is the section in the P2B manual that documents the
    L101 LAN card. On PDF page 59 of this document, the L101 LAN
    card has a jumper labelled "Asus/Other", implying the WOL
    definition changes depending on whether the motherboard is a
    P2B or not. That is not a good sign.


    I cannot get to the Asus website right now, so I hope the bookmark
    above is still valid.

    Searching in Google on P2B and WOL, shows there was a time when
    the Wake On LAN function had three or four options, implying there
    wasn't a defacto standard to work to. Intel defined the current
    PME based 3 pin configuration, which is used on motherboards
    later than the P2B, but in true Intel fashion, that info has been
    removed from the Intel site. So, there isn't much opportunity to
    research the history.

    My guess is, you won't be 'Waking on LAN" any time soon on
    that board. The evidence isn't good.

    Paul, Aug 1, 2004
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