Want to add really good CPU Cooler to my Soyo P4I845PE ISA / Intel p4 3.06Ghz

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by WonderingWhy, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. WonderingWhy

    WonderingWhy Guest

    Just finished building my new system...
    Soyo PE4I845PE ISA (Yeah man P4 and ISA Slots)...
    Running an Intel 3.06Ghz and 512MB RAM DDR333 Hyperthreading
    enabled...WinXP Home...

    The plastic fan that came with the Intel chip is flimsy and won't
    lock properly on the one side...I'd like to upgrade to something
    from Thermaltake or something else...What's the best heatsink/fan
    combo (non-peltier) for this chip and specifically I'm interested in
    hearing from people who have my particular motherboard...If you know a
    place with a particularly good price I'd appreciate the URL as
    WonderingWhy, Jan 2, 2004
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  2. WonderingWhy

    Sam Owens Guest

    If ya don't want to make a vacuum cleaner then get Zalman.
    Quiet, nice, but if ya gotta have noise then get whatever

    Sam Owens, Jan 2, 2004
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  3. I don't have your motherboard--but the Vantec Aeroflow 7040 (which is
    made for both P4s and for Athlons, get the right one) is a very very
    good cooler. Quiet, too.

    Newegg's price is probably about par--24 or 25 bucks. www.newegg.com

    You might look at this
    Granted, the roundup is coolers for the Athlon XP--but that cpu runs
    hotter than your P4--and there's an excellent table showing noise
    level and cooling effect. Look at the Vantec in that table.


    Some people are offence kleptomaniacs -- whenever they see
    an offence that isn't nailed down, they take it ;-)
    --David C. Pugh, in alt.callahans
    Denny Wheeler, Jan 2, 2004
  4. WonderingWhy

    Woobie Guest

    There's a 14.99 fan at Fry's (Outpost.com I believe.) I think it's made
    by Antec(It's blue.) It's about the size of a softball, and has an
    adjustable knob that fits in one of your PCI slots (not the board slot but
    the case slot.) Turning the knob up equals 6,000 rpm. I bought a boxed
    version of a 2.66 Athlon and the fan that came with it refused to go faster
    than 2,600 rpm. My die temp was a whopping 165 degrees F! I went to Fry's
    and bought the fan on sale for 9.99. It's probably the best (and cheapest)
    fan I've found. My die temp has been 122 degrees F for about 8 months.
    Woobie, Jan 11, 2004
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