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Wanted: GOOD data recovery program that WORKS

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by HaHaHoHoHeeHee, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. I posted on this topic to one of the storage groups, and this is a
    followup post. Maybe this groups has some better answers?

    Had a 3 gig WD hard drive that tested perfect go into shop along
    with computer. Made BIG mistake of trusting someone I THOUGHT knew
    what he was doing. Upshot is he scrambled the primary drive

    Have run PCIfilerecovery, and Drive Rescue, both freeze. GDB
    reports many read 10 errors and sector errors. Most file are
    accessible, as I have the drive as slave on another system now.
    Scandisk goes into continuous loop-my guess- and keeps going from
    85% to 95 percent, reporting "finding crosslinked clusters"-but it
    never finishes.

    The drive spins normally with no noise, so I think these are
    logical errors, maybe a corrupted FAT? GDB reports that it will
    take anywheres from 10 -20 hours to conclude-it keeps vacillating.

    I also have Spinrite 5.0, but I hear that takes forever and I
    really don't want to run my new system for 24 hours just to see if
    any of these rather inadequate program will eventually work.

    I cannot affort data recover services. Is there no program out
    there that will skip the errors or recover bad sectors or fix the
    obviously corrupted tables on this drive (without me having to go
    to comp.sci school to become an expert on drive geometry and

    Please help, I would be most appreciative. The system the drive is
    on on the same IDE cable as the primary boot drive as CS (slave)
    is an 800MHZ dimension.
    HaHaHoHoHeeHee, Jun 25, 2005
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  2. HaHaHoHoHeeHee

    Hod Guest

    I used ontrak easyrecovery on a maxtor drive with bad sectors and it works
    very good.
    very easy to use.

    Hod, Jun 25, 2005
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