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Wanted Tosh SATPRO 450CDT

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Joseph Fenn, May 8, 2005.

  1. Joseph Fenn

    Joseph Fenn Guest

    I am seeking a Tosh 450CDT if any one out there has a good one
    and is thinking about an upgrade. Sell me your 450cdt.
    I have a 420 cdt, but its just not up to the task of burning
    cd's, usb port, etc etc etc.....
    Kokomo Joe

    * Army MARS PRECEDED by AARS (Army Amateur Radio System) *
    Joseph Fenn, May 8, 2005
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  2. The 440 thru 480 are all identical except for the CPU (ranging from
    133MHz to 233MHz), but I think that they skipped "450", that no such
    model exists. The 490 is also nearly identical but is a Pentium II (233).

    There were two 440's and 310CDT sold on E-Bay this morning cheap (the
    310CDT is actually better than any of the 400 series). [The 440's both
    went for $16 and change, the 310 went for $32]. They are out there, but
    you have to be patient, and E-Bay is virtually the only source (but on
    E-Bay, they are plentiful]. Shipping may cost as much as the laptop itself.
    Barry Watzman, May 8, 2005
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  3. Joseph Fenn

    Joseph Fenn Guest

    Tnx Barry for the info. I had thought you told me the 450CDT
    was the best of the series and it had a USB port which the others
    did'nt have. I hate to get involved with E-Bay. Every time I
    tried to use it, I ended up getting into a mess and chaseing my
    tail. Browsing is not my favorite pasttime. Some sites you
    spend an hour serchin and never find what your looking for.
    I'll probably wait for "heartlandamerice" next catalog and see
    what they come up with.

    * Army MARS PRECEDED by AARS (Army Amateur Radio System) *
    Joseph Fenn, May 9, 2005
  4. Again, the 440 thru 480 are all the same except for cpu clock speed,
    they are all Penitum [one] MMX's, from 133MHz to 233MHz (the 490 is a
    Peintium II 233, but is still otherwise identical). All of these
    machines have a USB port and (I think) Cardbus.

    It's the 400 thru 435 that don't have USB or cardbus.

    Sorry you hate E-Bay, but for tons of things it's by far the best
    source, and for many, many things it's the only source. Remember, E-Bay
    is not the seller, it's just a forum for buyers and sellers (some of
    whom may be unscrupulous) to get together.

    Without E-Bay, I probably would not own most of my computer collection
    (an in particular my Antique computers, Imsai, Processor Technology,
    Cromemco, etc.) Where else can you buy NOS boxes of eight-inch 3M
    floppy disks still shrink wrapped?.
    Barry Watzman, May 12, 2005
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