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Wanting update on which laptop brands are the best.

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Jonathan, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. Jonathan

    Jonathan Guest

    I'd like get an update on the opinions of the people in this newsgroup
    about which brands of laptops have the best reputation for quality.

    About a year and a half ago I posted to this news group asking this
    same question. (Refer to the post titled: "Question about quality /
    reliability of laptop brands." posted Aug. 8, 2003.) From the
    responses to this post I got the impression that IBM and Toshiba were
    the best quality brands.

    Have opinions changed since this time or are IBM and Toshiba still
    considered the best? Also, how has the recent news about IBM intending
    to sell their PC business affected opinions about IBM laptops, if at

    After my research last year, I ended up buying a used IBM Thinkpad
    600E and have been very happy with it. However, I now want to upgrade
    to something with more functionality.

    Here is basically what I am seeking in my next laptop.

    Budget: Cdn$1000 (US $850)

    + Approximately the same weight and size as my current TP600E laptop
    + CD-RW/DVD drive (essential)
    + Video-out port (essential, should come standard if a DVD drive is
    included, I assume)
    + 2 USB ports minimum (essential)
    + 10 GB hard drive minimum (essential)
    + 14" screen (strongly preferred)
    + Built-in ethernet port (preferred)
    + CPU with some kind of energy saving features (like speed-step,
    Cetrino will be too expensive) (preferred)

    I like the IBM Thinkpads, (even with the pending sale of the PC
    division) and I will probably buy IBM again this time. If you are a
    Thinkpad guru, I would especially appreciate hearing your
    recommendations on which model of Thinkpad I should upgrade to.

    Lastly, Thinkpad enthusiasts might be intested in this. I was in a
    museum in Munich, Germany in the summer (I believe it was the
    Pinakothek Modern). They had a section on design which displayed
    everything from a Poesche 911, classic 70's furniture, to computers.
    Low and behold, in the computer section they had a TP 600 on display
    as an example of excellent portable computer design!

    Jonathan, Dec 6, 2004
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  2. Jonathan

    Ian Guest

    Get a refurbished iBook
    Ian, Dec 7, 2004
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  3. Jonathan

    projectle Guest

    The iBooks are probably your best bet, unless you have some reason
    that you NEED Windows and all of its problems.

    If you need windows, or an X86 version of Linux (The same thing exists
    for the MAC, it is just a recompilation for an alternate architecture)
    then go with a Toshiba or an Asus.

    As a note with the Asus notebooks, you build them yourself, so have a
    massive level of customizability and end user repairs (if you have any
    experience looking at the inside of a computer).

    If you have the knowledge, go with an Asus as you have access to
    anything you need for repair, replacement, or upgrades down the road.
    projectle, Dec 16, 2004
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