Warning About Epoxstore.com

Discussion in 'Epox' started by BRH, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. BRH

    BRH Guest

    About a month ago, I ordered a motherboard from www.epoxstore.com. A
    week to 10 days later, I got my credit card bill which had 3
    unauthorized transactions on it -- all dated after the transaction at

    Last week, a co-worker of mine also ordered merchandise from
    www.epoxstore.com. This week he found unauthorized transactions on his
    card account (dated after the EpoxStore transaction), as well.

    Coincidence? I think not. Although both of us did receive the ordered
    merchandise, it seems to me that either their site has been hacked and
    is being monitored, or someone on the inside there is stealing credit
    card numbers and using them.

    Yes -- we have reported this to both the credit card companies and to
    the website.

    I'm just posting this here as a friendly warning. Although their site
    appears to be secure, something is amiss.
    BRH, Dec 12, 2006
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  2. BRH

    gconrad Guest

    I just want to confirm the same happened to me on 12/12 last week. T
    add insult to injury I think they used my credentials to their websit
    to log into Stormpay and tried to buy a $400.00 handheld. Just prove
    the point about not using the same credentials for multiple sites.
    Stupid me.

    Too many IDs and passwords...
    gconrad, Dec 18, 2006
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  3. BRH

    Victor Guest

    I also ordered a motherboard from the Epox store on 11/20/2006. Jus
    found out today that my credit card number was stolen and they charge
    over $1000 on it. Now I have to work it out with my VISA company.
    Nice Christmas gift from Epox.

    Today I've found that the site isn't working. Too late for me, but b
    careful if you decide to use it
    Victor, Dec 20, 2006
  4. BRH

    dave Guest

    Have any of you victims contacted Epox or the police?

    dave, Dec 20, 2006
  5. BRH

    gconrad Guest

    I have of course contacted my bank. Thank goodness I was watching m
    account closely. As for contacting the police I have not as I'm no
    convinced that the site or site owners are doing this. You couldn'
    run a scam like that for very long and not know you're going to ge
    caught. As was posted earlier people are still receiving their goods.
    Mine is scheduled to arrive today so we'll see.

    I did contact epoxstore.com because it was odd that their site wen
    down the same day I canceled my card. I pulled up several cache
    versions of their site to get their contact info; I'll post that below
    When I spoke to them at the store they did seem legitimate and state
    they were aware of an issue and were planning to change the paymen
    options to just PayPal. I think their site may actually be down t
    prevent further fraudulent activivty, but I giving them a lot o
    benefit for being legitiment. Like I said we'll see.

    I also have added this post to my claim with my bank and as much othe
    info as I could in hopes it will asisst them in their investigations.
    In the end it is up to the bank and in their best interest to follo
    this up with the FBI and I'm sure they will. Be sure to provide al
    the info you can so they can connect the dots.

    Here is the contact info for anyone who needs it.
    Phone: 714-680-0898

    I had their Whois info too but deleted it since I'm not convinced th
    Site owners are openly involved so it is not relevant. I do think the
    are being monitored as originally posted or have a bad employee.

    Heed my other warning I posted earlier. Whoever it is, I think the
    tried to access other known accounts with the same UID and password.
    So be warned.

    gconrad, Dec 20, 2006
  6. BRH

    Karl S Guest

    On September 27, I ordered a motherboard from the Epox store. The next day
    my credit card company called about two suspicious charges, that turned out
    to be fradulent, on my card.

    At the time, I couldn't figure out how this happened. I certaintly didn't
    suspect the Epox store.

    After reading this thread, I am starting to wonder.

    Karl S, Dec 20, 2006
  7. BRH

    goosnarrggh Guest

    Looks like I fell victim to the same epoxstore.com hack/fraud. I place
    an order on the 14th -- according to UPS it's scheduled to arrive on th

    I usually don't keep any balance on this account and I intentionall
    keep the credit limit low. So I was surprised when the card wa
    declined today, and shocked when the telephone statement said that
    have a balance owing of over $3000

    - Luk
    goosnarrggh, Dec 22, 2006
  8. BRH

    BRH Guest

    I'm the OP of this thread and am following up with a bit of new info.

    My co-worker who had fraudulent charges made against his debit card
    contacted Epoxstore to discuss making another purchase (Why he doesn't
    purchase from somewhere else...I don't know) using personal check or
    some method other than debit or credit card. He was transferred to a
    sales manager who actually told him that there is an active FBI
    investigation going on currently, and that the website is trying to
    establish a direct link to Paypal to be used for all future transactions.

    Until the situation is resolved, one would be well-advised to avoid
    purchasing thru this website.

    I was lucky -- Because I made my purchase just a day or two before my
    billing cycle ended, only 2 fraudulent transactions totalling approx
    $400 were charged to my credit card. The CC company immediately
    credited those charges back to my account. The account was then closed.

    I shudder to think what could have happened if my purchase was made
    early in the billing cycle and whoever used my CC account would have had
    almost a full month to charge stuff on it.
    BRH, Dec 22, 2006
  9. BRH

    Urinemachine Guest

    Wow guys - I too had fraudulent charges! Couldn't figure out where the
    came from, but now I realize! I had about $530 spent a Verizon and $15
    in "Amsterdam". So ****ed up.

    So have you guys received your orders - because I need this motherboar
    and now I am a bit weary as to whether or not I even bought a rea
    product :
    Urinemachine, Dec 24, 2006
  10. BRH

    BRH Guest

    Sorry to hear that. But -- to answer your question -- In my case I DID
    receive my order, and it was a real product. -- Re-furbished 8Kha+, and
    it's working just fine. <knock wood>
    BRH, Dec 28, 2006
  11. BRH

    gconrad Guest


    Well in EpoxStore's defence I did receive my product and it appears t
    work fine. Having said this I will NEVER purchase from them again n
    matter how secure they claim to be. As I stated in a previous post
    was stupid and used the same password for multiple sites (DO NOT EVE
    DO THIS). I should have known better!

    Epoxstore.com requires that you create an account when you purchas
    from them (no difference from other sites) They use your email addres
    for the logon (just like PayPal, Stormpay, and many other paymen
    processors). Unlike other sites there doesn't seem to be any benefit t
    having a logon to EpoxStore.com as the only thing it seemes to provid
    is a tracking number for your order, but thats debatable.

    Here is my additional warning. Because I was stupid and used the sam
    password that I did for other well known payment processors, and anyon
    who has used these services know they use your email address as th
    login account whoever stole my info tried to steal money through m
    PayPal account as well. I don't keep money in my Paypal so they made
    transfer request of $200.00 from my attached bank account and added a
    email address (more on that below). So even if they go strictly PayPa
    I'm NEVER buying from there again. I still am not convinced tha
    EpoxStore.com is directly involved but in the end they blew it in m

    OK about the email address they added. I realize this guy could be
    victim himself but I am going to share this info anyway hopefully I'
    not violating any rules but since this is publick knowlegde I don't se
    how it is, do with it what you will.

    The email they added was * *
    The WhoIs info for the domain tieuacochina.biz (Registered in Octobe
    06, Hmmm...)
    Whois info for domain tieuacochina.biz.

    To try another domain search, click here!

    Domain ID: D15012241-BIZ
    Sponsoring Registrar: TUCOWS INC.
    Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 69
    Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited
    Registrant Name: Stephen Cohen
    Registrant Organization: Cohen
    Registrant Address1: 10217 Daphney House Way
    Registrant City: Rockville
    Registrant State/Province: MD
    Registrant Postal Code: 20850
    Registrant Country: United States
    Registrant Country Code: US
    Registrant Phone Number: +1.2404530164
    Registrant Email:
    Administrative Contact ID: TUYYC2NZYQBRPXTW
    Administrative Contact Name: Stephen Cohen
    Administrative Contact Organization: Cohen
    Administrative Contact Address1: 10217 Daphney House Way
    Administrative Contact City: Rockville
    Administrative Contact State/Province: MD
    Administrative Contact Postal Code: 20850
    Administrative Contact Country: United States
    Administrative Contact Country Code: US
    Administrative Contact Phone Number: +1.2404530164
    Administrative Contact Email:
    Billing Contact ID: TUYYC2NZYQBRPXTW
    Billing Contact Name: Stephen Cohen
    Billing Contact Organization: Cohen
    Billing Contact Address1: 10217 Daphney House Way
    Billing Contact City: Rockville
    Billing Contact State/Province: MD
    Billing Contact Postal Code: 20850
    Billing Contact Country: United States
    Billing Contact Country Code: US
    Billing Contact Phone Number: +1.2404530164
    Billing Contact Email:
    Technical Contact ID: TU03Y5RG1WQIESDR
    Technical Contact Name: Domain Administrator
    Technical Contact Organization: PowWeb
    Technical Contact Address1: 70 Blanchard Road
    Technical Contact City: Burlington
    Technical Contact State/Province: MA
    Technical Contact Postal Code: 01803
    Technical Contact Country: United States
    Technical Contact Country Code: US
    Technical Contact Phone Number: +1.8669769932
    Technical Contact Facsimile Number: +1.7812726550
    Technical Contact Email:
    Name Server: NS2.POWWEB.COM
    Name Server: NS1.POWWEB.COM
    Created by Registrar: TUCOWS INC.
    Last Updated by Registrar: TUCOWS INC.
    Domain Registration Date: *Sun Oct 29 06:41:12 GMT
    Domain Expiration Date: Sun Oct 28 23:59:59 GMT
    Domain Last Updated Date: Wed Dec 27 19:11:26 GMT

    So there it is. Wonder If Mr. Stephen Cohen is a victim or criminal.

    BTW-I took advice to contat my local police dept about this issue and
    there was nothing they could do. I thought maybe with all the
    additional info I was pulling up perhaps they would get it rolling in
    the right direction but really they couldn't do anything. Kind of sad
    really. So here I am posting it here for all to see.

    Sorry to hear all the horror stories and although it is a pain the real
    victims here are the banks/creditors who backup our money. But then,
    they'll just pass the cost back to the customers won't they?

    gconrad, Dec 28, 2006
  12. I too was a victom of fraud. I entered my CC info then backed out. Thank
    goodness I was already maxed out. I was called by visa the next moring and
    had to replace my card. What a crummy XMAS because of that.

    Hugh Sutherland, Jan 2, 2007
  13. BRH

    techview Guest


    I think EPOX has got some serious problems. Their WEB site was dow
    about a week and a half ago so I tried calling their main telephon
    number. Several initial attempts were made with no success in gettin
    through to anyone. Finally after playing the push any button on th
    phone pad some Chinese person answered. Yes, you could tell........
    explained to him what I needed and he had suggested a couple of boards
    He then asked for an email adress so an order form could be sent....
    The moron sends me a link to the epox store that has been down.....
    tried calling him back with no success!

    Epox is out of the picture for future MOBO purchases. They got som
    serious issues. I would not reccommend dealing with EPOX at all.

    By the way the person's name I dealt with is Mike Yo. He seems to b
    the only person at the West coast sat office........ Not good. Not goo
    at all
    techview, Jan 10, 2007
  14. BRH

    dave Guest

    Call back again. Maybe you'll get Mike's secretary, Fook Yu. :)

    dave, Jan 10, 2007
  15. BRH

    beatletat Guest

    Thanks so much for posting this! I was about to whip out the ol'visa an
    buy away like I normally would, but something (spider sense?) told me t
    look at store reviews. You all should be commended for helping others b
    using your bad experiences! Does any one know where I can (legitimently
    purchase a mobo (socket A, 400 mhz FSB, 8x AGP, sata, ddr 3200) looke
    around on several sites and epox mobo's kept coming up. Any help i
    this would be greatly appreciated
    beatletat, Jan 11, 2007
  16. BRH

    gconrad Guest

    Just a reminder, I did receive my product My first EPoX board ever an
    it works fine. If the sites you are finding the board on are wel
    known to you and you have used them before then you should be fine.
    believe this thread was primarily to warn about the site epoxstore.com
    I would NEVER order there again myself. Anyone who does shoul
    consider cancelling the card they used on their site shortly afte
    ordering. I wonder... I think you can buy Visa/Mastercard style gif
    cards that have a set value and once they are used up you toss them.
    If they work like regular credit cards that might be an idea for futur
    online purchases.

    Anyway, A quick google turned up a couple MoBo's
    http://www.gearxs.com/gearxs/default.php?cPath=75_107 I think yo
    would need to add a SATA card though. I have never used this site s
    it is not a recommendation. Be sure to do your due dilligence.

    gconrad, Jan 12, 2007
  17. BRH

    goldy Guest

    Epox Is Now PayPal They Never See Your Card.
    I Have A Board Coming.
    goldy, Jan 14, 2007
  18. BRH

    beatletat Guest

    I found an abit kv7 with all the specs needed on ebay. But again thank
    for the info. BTW, I have used gearxs.com, and everything I ordere
    came in great condition and was delivered quickly
    beatletat, Jan 16, 2007
  19. BRH

    gconrad Guest

    Goldy and anyone else who uses epoxstore.com and their new PayPal onl
    system. Pay attention to your PayPal accounts and update here eithe
    possitive or negative experiences.

    I say this because, as I stated earlier in this thread, I was one o
    those risk takers who was using the same password for multiple sites.
    epoxstore.com required me to create an account (using my email addres
    as the ID) to complete my order. Well that email address was the sam
    as my PayPal email address (hince PayPal UID) and since my passwor
    was the same... They got into my PayPal account. So just because the
    are PayPal only doesn't make it completely safe. Whoever is getting th
    info got ALL the info required to complete my order. So beware, I'
    sure I'm not the only one who has done this and whoever is stealin
    this info knows for certain that everyone ordering from this site has
    PayPal account.

    gconrad, Jan 19, 2007
  20. BRH

    fcfahs Guest

    Hi All,

    I stumbled onto this forum quite by accident, while googling for
    place to buy an EPOX MF4-ULTRA-3 mobo, a board which seems almos
    impossible to find for sale in the USA at this time. Anyway, once
    glanced at this thread's title, I could not help but be curious
    because I too made a one-time purchase from EPOXSTORE.COM, back o
    November 1, 2006. And on exactly November 9, 2006 my internet ban
    account dove negative from a $372.92 internet purchase which I did no

    For the record, this purchase was made via the internet fro
    ALBERTCROMBIE.COM (in Maryland), a vender whom I've never purchase
    from before nor even new existed. I immediately notified my bank an
    closed the account. I also filed a police report (at the suggestion o
    ALBERTCROMBIE.COM, whom I called about this discrepancy).

    So far, the case has not yet been resolved and all I've been able t
    find out from the detective on my case is that (according t
    ALBERTCROMBIE.COM) the purchase was made by a "Nuez Vienet" (o
    something like that) and delivered to an address somewhere i
    Lakeworth, Texas. (I live in Philadelphia, PA and don't know ANYONE i

    Perhaps if enough people with similar horror stories find this foru
    thread and post their stories, what is NOW only a very strong suspicio
    about the security at EXPOXSTORE.COM will eventually become evidenc
    beyond reasonable doubt. At least you folks can be sure that
    print-out of this entire tread will be place in the hands of my ban
    AND the detective working on my case, ASAP..

    fcfahs, Jan 22, 2007
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