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Warning for laptop users: Starcraft 2 can overheat your computer. (any game can really ;) :))

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skybuck Flying, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. There seems to be a big discussion going on about the latest and greatest
    game called:

    "Starcraft 2 Wing of Liberty"

    Some people are stupid enough to play it on their laptops lol... with result
    fried chips ?! ;) :):


    However there seems to be a little bit more to the story than just badly
    ventilated systems...

    It also seems a little bit a software issue... the game can apperently run
    very fast in menu's
    and transitions...

    Some people have reported frame rates of 400 to 500.

    Personally I do not believe that such high frame rates should ever lead to
    damage on a well ventilated system.

    I myself am on a well ventilated system... but I have had my share of
    heat-related deaths in the past and learned
    from it ;) :)

    I am kinda surprised that so many people now find out for the first time how
    much their hardware sux... I guess
    they never play games or so ?! ;) :)

    Anyway wasting power and producing unnecesary heat ain't to cool, so for
    what it's worth add these lines to
    variables.txt in folder:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\StarCraft II\


    And save it...

    When the game loads it will adjust... later it will re-save the file and
    resort the file... so the two lines will move up... and will be placed after
    other f's.

    Also the frame rate inside the game can be observed in two ways so far:

    1. Use software called fraps.


    2. Press control-alt-f while in game/menu's and it will show the frames per
    second.. it does seem to be able to fluctuate however it wants.

    I have an older graphics cards 7900 gtx 512 MB ram... though it is one of
    the fastest cards when it comes to Gigabyte/sec... it runs it at about 30
    fps to 40 fps... on 1920x1200 with all settings at high/ultra for as far as

    I always make sure that my 5 case fans are running at medium speed before I
    start playing... to prevent any system deaths because of heat... it's not
    worth it... to
    damage your pc over a game... that's my personal oppinion...

    I do believe the game runs kinda cool... I have seen games which run much
    hotter than Starcraft 2... so it ain't so bad...

    Anyway it's good to warn you people in case you think of running this stuff
    on a laptop.. I sure as hell wouldn't do it ;)

    Anyway... the game is fricking great... so the seduction of trying to run it
    on anything that will run it is ofcourse big lol.

    I am very glad that my system can run it pretty much perfectly, splendily
    and beautifully... yes... the last two days where a real joy/sunshine for

    Ofcourse I have been enjoying my pc for many years now... since 2006... had
    some troubles but solved those... and the last two days were just
    especially the sound of this game and the voices are pretty fabolous..

    This game is very artistic in a good/cool way... but I will write more about
    that later in a full (skybuck) review of Starcraft.

    So far I find "normal" not really challenging enough... it's a bit too easy
    here and there... but so far I had to replay one mission...
    I think the difficulty is almost right... but I don't mind... I just wanna
    get through the missions to enjoy the story first...

    I do look forward to actually playing against AI on higher difficulty
    levels... and I hope to see my base overrun for more of a challenge...

    However I fear that this strategy game is not so good gameplay wise... I
    notice how units die very fast... so there is very little room for failures
    and adjustments...

    there is very little time for a reaction speed... as soon as the enemy
    attacks there are two possible outcomes mostly it seems:
    1. either you defend successfully.
    2. you are totally overwelmend and are unable to recover if no units have
    been build prematurely...

    So the speed at which the units die is a bit strange to me...

    But it could be a little bit different and maybe slightly refreshing... so I
    am willing to give the game a chance to see if I will like it...

    I sure hope I do....

    Anyway I have some advice for the game developers:

    1. Next time "lock" the multiplayer until people finish the "single player"

    2. "Lock" the tech tree or hide unexplored parts of it... that could be a
    spoiler. Make it misty/darkened... but apperent that more will come.

    I think these two advices could be golden advices... because going directly
    to multiplayer will probably ruin many people's experience of this game...

    This game has a great single player and therefore it deserves to be played !
    ;) :)

    It would be a shame if people who own the game actually never played it ?!
    that was suck so bad :)

    It looks like this game is either gonna get a 9 or a 10 from me ?! ;) :)

    Skybuck ;) =D
    Skybuck Flying, Aug 3, 2010
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  2. But ALL software breaks YOUR computers

    Glenn Gundlach, Aug 4, 2010
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