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WARNING the 3.8 Catalyst driver could kill your monitor!!!

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Dr Richard Cranium, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. this is the type of person that should only be allowed to purchase a complete system from
    Dell or Gateway. Then only if it purchases the complete extended warranty, with taxi fare

    their should be encounter groups for these types to identify and profile Computer
    terrorists such as they are/become.

    I see in the government IT departments all the time. At least there they have come to
    grips with these IT wan Abe's and force them to only purchase complete DELL systems for
    their minions shackled to the IT departmental whims.

    can you imagine driving your truck down to the grange, say about thirty years ago and
    telling a farm tractor or field plow story - such as this bugger cries on about. Gawd
    he'd be banned from the cracker barrel and local gossip 'good 'ol' boys.

    whatever -

    Muito pesaroso, homem, eu apenas não o começo que eu estou fresco como um anel de espuma

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    Posted via TITANnews - Uncensored Newsgroups Access-=Every Newsgroup - Anonymous, UNCENSORED, BROADBAND Downloads=-
    Dr Richard Cranium, Oct 26, 2003
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  2. Another shitty experience with a display card from ATI ........
    Here's the story. Long time ago I bought an all in wonder Raedeon
    display card. The very first before they added any kind of numbers to
    the model designator. True... the capture software, Guide+ and the time
    shifting features are very compelling and in the brief moments when it
    actually worked I was thrilled. But always....... Crash BSOD. I must
    have spent weeks trying to resolve various issues with this card, sound
    breaking up (the pop pop issue) frames skipping, and always in the end
    the BSOD. I must have done a 1000 searches in forums and tried every
    possible remedy, new motherboard, new ram, new PSU even a new AIW, you
    name it,.... I tried it. I finally gave up on all the features and used
    it as a plane display card only. No MMC just plane old graphics card.
    Time passes and I decide to give it another try, maybe this could be
    something related to the OS? The only thing I never really tried. I've
    been running W2K, and XP never really appealed to me (it is kind of
    gayish isn't it ? fluffy icons in pastel colors ;-)) Anyway i decided to
    give it yet another shot, so I log into Easynews, retrieve an ISO of XP
    corp and a keygenerator (On a side note: I have NEVER understood why
    anyone would spend as much a 5 min on peer to peer file swapping, when
    sites like Easynews, for a mere 10 bucks, gives you a full 25 days of
    usenet postings with a http interface.... beyond me!). XP installs like
    a charm, and to probe just how good the Keygen is I decide to subscribe
    to windows automated update, and bingo!, everything DX9b, SP1,
    soundblaster and updated displaydrivers for the All in wonder comes
    flying down from Microsoft, reboot a couple of times and I'm good to
    go.... And this is where I make the crucial mistake In order to install
    the MMC I download the full package from ATI, i.e.. the full 25 meg of
    drivers,control panel and VDM capture drivers. After install and the
    mandatory reboot, I manage to see the XP "Welcome" greeting before the
    monitor goes into some insane state. No H-sync Out of control V-sync.
    This lasted about 5 sec and I clearly remember thinking SHIT! I've seen
    this before (About 10 years ago when I by mistake screwed up the driver
    on a 386box with a 5k$ Eizo monitor and destroyed the monitor beyond
    repair). I tried to power down the monitor, but just before I hit the
    power bottom the H-sync completely died, a only a very bright vertical
    bar was showing. Viewsonic P225f bye bye....
    This is when I turn to Google and discovers that people before me
    have experienced the same thing. What I also see are the people who
    dismiss this including of cource ATI. But i recon the chances of my
    monitor dying less than 30 sec after installation of the Catalyst 3.8
    driver are a million to one.
    What would you guys do? Isn't this finally a case where a software
    developer could be held responsible for the garbage they advise people
    to download?
    In any case, let this be a warning. I've seen a lot of "advice" being
    posted in newsgroup and forums. Usually it's based on nothing but
    personal preferences or less than accurate facts (e.g. Turtle beach
    sound card fixes everything!) This is the real thing. This driver set is
    a "killer". If anyone is interested, I have full logs of driver
    installations and JPG's to prove the state of FORMERLY great monitor.
    Advice anyone?

    btw THIS is a plane AIW radeon, so the problem is not confined to 9800
    or 9700 boards...

    San Diego CA
    FORMER ATI user, Oct 26, 2003
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  3. Dr Richard Cranium

    Ben Pope Guest

    You sound mature.
    Self confessed thief...
    Self confessed serial (monitor) killer.
    No, not likely. If software can damage a monitor it is poorly deisgned.

    This has been done here before... the claims of monitor death as a direct
    result of errors in Cat 3.8s is yet to be substantiated.

    Ben Pope, Oct 26, 2003
  4. Dr Richard Cranium

    Hellraiser Guest

    Plus the fact all modern monitors when presented with a signal outside of
    their capabilities simply refuse to even try to display it.

    Hellraiser, Oct 26, 2003
  5. Dr Richard Cranium

    Lithurge Guest

    This is the real thing. This driver set is a
    Lets see now, when I open up display properties go to settings,
    advanced, monitor I have a liitle tick box that states hide
    modes this monitor cannot display under the refresh rate
    heading. It even warns unticking it can lead to damaged

    I leave this ticked, installing the CAT 3.8's has not unticked
    this, so how exactly do they cause monitors to fail by trying to
    display outside the range?

    Oh they don't! The user pulls the trigger by unticking the box
    and then using a higher refresh rate than their monitor can
    handle because they know best.
    Lithurge, Oct 26, 2003
  6. Dr Richard Cranium

    LBJGH Guest

    Sorry that is not true... Nvidia troll.

    Nvidia started this rumor because they can not compete in real world
    LBJGH, Oct 26, 2003
  7. Dr Richard Cranium

    Ben Pope Guest

    With absolutely no evidence to back up such a statement, you're as bad as
    the OP.

    Ben Pope, Oct 26, 2003
  8. Dr Richard Cranium

    LBJGH Guest

    Give me a break one or two people started this RUMOR on many of the tech
    sites. There has been absolutely no proof that the drivers caused a
    hardware failure.

    I had a monitor die several years ago will using a 4mb Triton AGP card and a
    12mb Voodoo2 addon card... I wonder what drivers were responsible for that
    monitor failure?

    A fact of life... hardware failures happen from time to time... people
    should just accept that fact instead of attempting to slag a quality product
    with quality drivers.

    Nvidia starting the rumor? Well maybe not. Nvidiot starting the rumor?
    LBJGH, Oct 26, 2003
  9. Dr Richard Cranium

    Ben Pope Guest

    And equally there's no proof that nVidia started the rumour.
    None, as we all know.
    It's pointless arguing who started a rumour and then calling them names
    etc., the point is whether or not the basis of the rumour lies in fact or
    not. And it's pretty unlikely that software can damage a well designed
    monitor, no matter how badly written it is.

    Ben Pope, Oct 26, 2003
  10. Dr Richard Cranium

    patrickp Guest


    Anyway i decided to
    And there's no chance, of course, that it could have been anything other
    than the ATi drivers...

    patrickp, Oct 26, 2003
  11. Dr Richard Cranium

    JAD Guest

    here's a thought why didn't you download the proper driver for your monitor? nearly every machine I've had to do some kind of
    display problem repair, ends up having 'default monitor' as the description...(not even plugnplay) or some other name that seems
    like they just picked a 17' from the list and used it. Or left an old INF behind after an upgrade.
    JAD, Oct 26, 2003
  12. Most of these complaints can be tracked down to Nvidia fan boys who have
    never used an ATI card before. On every new major driver release from ATI.
    Usually this happens when features are added not found in previous releases,
    like the new VPU recover, profiles, etc. in 3.8 or when the drivers first
    became unified under the Catalyst name or when they first required DirectX
    9, and on and on and on. There are such unfounded complaints all over the
    Internet for many driver versions put out to try to scare people from the
    ATI camp to the Nvidia camp. Same happens with Nvidia drivers being attacked
    ATI fan boys who have never used an Nvidia card.

    I say give it up. Read the reviews and try it out for a week (most stores
    will take it back if you're not satisfied with it). Then if either an ATI
    or Nvidia card turns out to be the best for your situation or preferences,
    get it and STFU.
    Jonathan DeVowe, Oct 26, 2003
  13. Dr Richard Cranium

    Gonzo Guest

    Probably because he is either a coplete dimbass or an Nvidiot troll.

    What really gets me is that even "IF" the monitor got overrefreshed because
    the dumbass used the wrong inf file or a 3rd party refresh rate adjuster,
    ANY pc-literate person will tell you that the monitor WILL warn you with a
    high pitched whine and junk on the screen before it goes dead.

    Either he is a complete dumbass or his 10 year old monitor finally died of
    old age and he wants ATi to pay for a new monitor because his Mom didn't
    give him his allowance LOL.

    monitor? nearly every machine I've had to do some kind of
    description...(not even plugnplay) or some other name that seems
    Gonzo, Oct 26, 2003
  14. Dr Richard Cranium

    Pluvious Guest

    You can take your rant elsewhere buddy.. it's not ATI's fault your monitor died.

    Here's the OFFICAL response from ATI about this.

    Read and educate yourself....

    ATI SPEAK: CATALYST 3.8 - The TRUTH not the Rumours

    Terry Makedon and Chris Hook from ATI have posted a reply to statements made
    recently regarding problems with Cat 3.8 overheating and all sorts of other
    claims, you can read and discuss in This thread

    We have spent a great deal of time trying to reproduce this problem and
    analyzing our driver code. There is nothing in our driver code that has changed
    since CAT 3.7 to CAT 3.8 that could possibly cause this behaviour. We believe
    that our drivers are not causing these alleged problems.
    We do not currently believe these stories are valid. We have already confirmed
    that of the nearly 100 OEM customer programs have asked for and received this
    driver, we have received no reports on any such problem from the OEMs. We have
    also run comprehensive QA tests on the driver before releasing it and have had
    no cases of failed monitors.
    Since we announced CATALYST 3.8 on October 8th, we have recorded hundreds of
    thousands of downloads, and thus far there have been absolutely no reports
    whatsoever to ATI’s Customer Support department to report monitors failing.

    There have been many posts in the forums discussing this issue, it seems it is a
    common theory, picked up from one place and keep being circulated. One such
    theory suggests the following:
    “Instead of reading the refresh rates from the PRIMARY display INF files, it is
    reading the SECONDARY display INF refresh rates.”
    In XP and 2K, we don’t have access to monitor INF information in our driver
    component that manages display capability. We have never used this monitor
    information for any purpose. We rely on EDID data or user override information
    to determine monitor capability. Even though the OS may use the monitor
    information to expose high refresh rate based on monitor INF content, the driver
    always restricts the actual refresh rate going to the monitor based on EDID or
    the user override. In essence, the user may be able to select from OS controlled
    monitor page (in advanced property pages) a high refresh rate but internally
    driver will restrict the refresh rate going to the monitor based on EDID
    information or user override information. If user set the override information
    incorrectly then incompatible signals would be sent to the monitor.
    In 9x, we can access monitor INF information but due to issues with how OS maps
    the INF to a monitor, we had disabled reading the monitor INF via registry.
    Unless someone deliberately changes the registry setting for this in 9x, they
    would not run into any monitor INF related issues.

    We have spent a great deal of time analyzing the temperatures due to the
    CATALYST 3.8 drivers. We do not under any circumstance see anything near a 10
    degree Celsius increase in temperature (but we don’t overclock our test cards
    either). We do see a slight increase in temperature in certain cases (3Dmark2003
    Nature Scene for example). However any temperature increase is well within our
    safety range. Investigation continues and we are trying to determine why this
    change in temperature exits. At this point we are reproducing individual driver
    packages with code being checked in and measuring the temperature. However
    nothing shows the alleged increase in temperature. One independent website
    (DriverHeaven.net) even tried to reproduce this issue, and found no measurable
    difference in temperature between CATALYST 3.7 and 3.8.


    Pluvious, Oct 26, 2003
  15. Dr Richard Cranium

    Don Burnette Guest

    Sure, stop stealing software - says a lot about the person..

    Don Burnette
    Don Burnette, Oct 26, 2003
  16. Dr Richard Cranium

    somnambulist Guest

    FORMER ATI user wrote:

    <snip trolling exercise>

    You lightweight, I'd rate that a 3.2/10. Try better next time if you want
    to scare people.
    somnambulist, Oct 26, 2003
  17. Dr Richard Cranium

    GTD Guest

    No, the monitor does not TRY to use the unsupported refresh rate. One
    reason for the ability to select 'unsupported' refresh rates, are that
    some manufacturers of monitors use one unified driver set for all
    their monitors, and that driver tells the computer what refresh rates
    are available, often leaving out some that are usable for their
    higher-end monitors. If you have an old, cheap monitor, damage 'could'
    happen, because it may have nothing in place to check the refresh
    rate. the fact is that that disclaimer is there so ATI doesn't have to
    buy some bonehead a brand new monitor because they didn't know what
    they were doing and fried their old spawned-out Monitor and were
    looking for someone to get them a new one. It's been YEARS sence a
    monitor has been made that doesn't have this protection. I still have
    the monitor that came with one of my first PCs (a 486-25), and even IT
    has this protection.
    GTD, Oct 26, 2003
  18. Dr Richard Cranium

    Bill Guest


    Looks like another Nvidia shill.

    Bill, Oct 26, 2003
  19. Dr Richard Cranium

    Mustafa Krap Guest

    Serves you right for stealing software, next time try buying your OS and
    then learn how to install a videocard....Loser!
    Mustafa Krap, Oct 26, 2003
  20. BULLSHIT! 3.8 works perfectly on my 8500DV!
    Stephen Green, Oct 27, 2003
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