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Discussion in 'Overclocking' started by feelrelations, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. hi,
    What size bottles fit on Aquaverve water coolers?
    All of our coolers hold industry standard 3 & 5 gallon water round
    bottles. Please keep in mind that while square bottles will fit on the
    coolers the bottle covers will not fit over them.

    Where does the water bottle go?
    Most of our coolers utilize matching bottle covers. These covers
    simply lift off the cooler and the water bottles are inserted
    underneath. The covers are designed to easily fit over all 5 gallon
    round water bottles.

    Do the bottle covers fit a 5 gallon water bottle?
    It may not look like it fits, but it does! All our bottle covers
    easily fit over a 5 gallon round water bottle.

    What is a "No-Spill Cap"?
    One of the great conveniences of an Aquaverve water cooler is the built
    in no-spill capability. This insures that you are able to change water
    bottles on our coolers without any spills. About 1/2 of the water
    suppliers in the U.S. currently have no-spill caps on their water
    bottles. These bottles are inverted onto the cooler without opening
    the caps. A post built into the cooler will pierce the bottle cap
    allowing water to begin flowing into the cooler. If your water
    supplier does not have no-spill caps available on their bottles, that's
    no problem. Aquaverve includes at no charge, with each floor standing
    cooler, a snap-on no-spill cap that will convert your open bottle to a
    no-spill bottle. Simply remove the cap from one bottle when finished
    and snap it on to the next bottle.

    Where do I get my bottled water?
    There are numerous bottled water suppliers that will deliver water
    right to your doorstep. The yellow pages of your local phone book is a
    good place to start. Listings are typically under "Water-Bottled".
    Whether you choose spring water or purified water, we recommend asking
    about the availability of no-spill caps. If you have difficulty
    finding a local supplier, please email us your zip code and we would be
    happy to find some options for you.

    How much power does an Aquaverve cooler use?
    Our water coolers are very well insulated. In addition, because
    stainless steel is an excellent conductor, energy is used with the
    maximum possible efficiency. Our RoomTemp/Cold units draw only
    1.4amps, while our Hot/Cold units draw 4.2amps. Actual annual energy
    consumption depends on a lot of things - such as how much water you
    drink, and what the ambient temperature of the water is, but water
    coolers are not a significant energy cost.

    What makes an Aquaverve cooler different?
    Aquaverve water coolers are unique for two reasons, quality and design.
    We use only the finest parts to construct our water coolers. Low
    noise compressors are a bit more expensive, but we believe a water
    cooler should be "seen and not heard"! Stainless steel reservoirs
    insure that your water will taste just like it came right from the
    bottle. Plastic reservoirs are cheaper, but often result in a plastic
    taste in the water. We only use stainless steel reservoirs in our
    coolers (except the Mari). Our stainless reservoirs insure you of
    absolute water purity - and, they are much easier to clean. Our cooler
    designs are unparalleled. For example, our Cima cherry wood cooler is
    made from a single piece of cherry wood to insure that the grain is
    consistent from the bottle cover to the cooler cabinet. Each Cima is
    hand stained and hand varnished to produce this luxurious piece of
    furniture. And all of our coolers are space efficient requiring only
    12" - 13" of floor space.

    What is a "bottleless" cooler & how does it work?
    Many of our models, Fahrenheit, Celsius, Cima, and S2, are available in
    "bottleless" configurations. These units eliminate the need for
    bottled water. Simply connect a waterline to our easy on/off
    connection fittings and the cooler will produce filtered hot and cold
    water without ever changing a bottle. The secret? Inside the bottle
    cover we build a filtration system consisting of micron filtration and
    activated charcoal (for flavor purity). The rated capacity of this
    dual filter system is 3,000 gallons. Actual capacity is a function of
    your water quality, but replacement filters are only about $30.00 each.
    Aquaverve supplies everything you need except for your incoming
    waterline. Installation takes about 10 minutes! Get the full details
    at aquavervebottlelesscoolers.pdf

    What other products does Aquaverve market?
    Aquaverve is a specialty products company. Our newest find is a
    specialty vinegar used by some of the greatest chefs in the US. Minus
    8 Vinegar is named after the frosty conditions at which these specialty
    wine grapes are harvested. Handpicked and pressed, Minus 8 Vinegar is
    produced from fine wine. Get all the details at www.minus8vinegar.com

    Best Regards
    The Aquaverve team
    feelrelations, Jan 5, 2006
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