Watts Compaq Power Supply?

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by stevendelapp, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. stevendelapp

    stevendelapp Guest

    A friend inherited a Compaq Presario 4409CL with dead power supply.

    It looks like a standard ATX power supply. Inside the case we found
    that the board is marked with Delta Electronics DPS-250KP-2B

    Neither of us is a "power supply expert" so would appreciate any help.

    Am thinking it would be most cost effective to get a 3rd party power

    Had been told that Delta made reliable power supplies so am guessing
    from what I have read so far that it was just too small.

    stevendelapp, Sep 22, 2005
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  2. stevendelapp

    Ben Myers Guest

    With Delta, the 250 indicates a 250w capacity. If the form factor and the
    electronic connectors fit the case, it does not matter whether the replacement
    is a Compaq-original or another brand. What does matter is that the power
    supply have at least the same wattage rating, and that it be a reliable one.

    .... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Sep 23, 2005
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  3. stevendelapp

    stevendelapp Guest


    Thanks for the tip. Should add that the Delta is a Compaq OEM because
    on the outside of the case is Compaq part # and spare #. Was suprised
    it was a Delta because have read a lot of postings about dead Compaq
    power supplies and was told that Delta made reliable power supplies.

    Was told that some Compaq power supplies are proprietary so checked
    this Delta power supply ATX connector and it was missing the #18 white
    wire. Then checked the mainboard and printed next to the ATX connector
    is "ATX Power Connector" and there is a #18 pin. Am wondering if
    someone put in the "wrong power supply"?

    stevendelapp, Sep 23, 2005
  4. stevendelapp

    stevendelapp Guest

    Called Compaq parts for a price on a replacement power supply and found
    out that you can only get the std not a larger one. Since the std 200W
    one died am not too eager to drop in another one!

    Am searching the power supply reviews and would be interested to hear
    from anyone with suggestions.

    Do any power supplies recover if they have been overloaded? If not it
    may be cost effective to error on the large size.

    stevendelapp, Sep 23, 2005
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