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Wav's volume lowers to 50%!!

Discussion in 'Soundblaster Live' started by John, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. John

    John Guest

    I have been searching the web and newsgroup archives, but find no answer
    to this problem, but it obviously happens to other people as I found
    someone else posting for help on the exact same problem, but got no

    Perhaps by now, someone knows what causes this...

    Playing wavs on the computer is no problem, but when you click on a wav
    file from a website, as it opens and plays, the mixer level drops down
    to 50% and you have to open up the mixer and turn the volume up again.
    Everytime you play the wav from a website, it will again drop down to
    50% This is annoying, and I have been trying to find help for this
    problem for several years now. Please tell me someone finally figured
    this out and how to solve this problem.

    Here is someone else's post here from Feb 8 2001 explaining the same

    I have a Sound Blaster Live Value Digital 1024 card on my Dell, Windows
    John, Feb 15, 2004
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  2. John

    Lenny Guest

    Playing wavs on the computer is no problem, but when you click on a wav
    The "Duh" solution: don't click links from websites. :)

    Alternatively, download and install a wav file player such as winamp and
    associate that with wav files (the installation procedure will usually do
    that pretty much automatically with most players - winamp's does). This
    should work around whatever issue it is you're encountering when playing
    sound through the browser.

    Third choice, tried upgrading your sound drivers recently? This is obviously
    a software issue so replacing the soundcard won't solve it.
    Lenny, Feb 15, 2004
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  3. John

    Folk Guest

    What application plays the .wav file when you click on a link?
    Applications like Real Player will dick around with your system-wide
    volume settings. Winamp and even Windows Media Player seem to do a
    better job of leaving your system volume settings alone.
    Folk, Feb 16, 2004
  4. John

    John Guest

    I have been searching the web and newsgroup archives, but find no answer
    Actually, Netscape uses it's own program to play wavs, and although you can
    go into preferences and assign and change programs to be used for files with
    certain extensions (I have winamp assigned to deal with mp3 files) the Wav
    assignment to Netscape's own plugin, does not allow it to be edited or
    deleted like other ones are. The edit and delete are greyed out and non

    I tried adding a NEW assignment and selected winamp for WAV, but it still
    wants to use it's own Netscape player. I disabled the .dll plugin, but
    then it just won't play at all, it gives an error and does not ask for a
    program to play it with.

    What doesn't make sense is, how just playing a wav through Netscape's player
    would make Creative's audio mixer drop down 50% in volume. Creative would
    have to deliberately have something written into their program that could
    change mixer settings when some audio players plays a file. That is
    stupid. Is there any known fix for this?

    I do searches and find lots of other people with this exact same problem, yet
    after all these years no one ever figured out how to fix this? That seems

    Surely someone on this newsgroups knows the fix, since I found this newsgroup
    by a search which turned up someone asking this same question on this very
    group a few years ago. of course there was no reply to it with an answer,
    or I would not have had to ask the question again now years later. Surely
    someone knows the fix by now?
    John, Feb 16, 2004
  5. John

    John Guest

    Playing wavs on the computer is no problem, but when you click on a wav
    Many times, they automatically play, and then the volume for all wavs is turned
    down and have to open up the mixer, and raise the level to full again. Very
    annoying. I don't know why designers of programs don't fully test them before
    releasing them.
    Installing winamp years ago did not do this, well it did for when I play wavs
    from the computer, but not for wavs played through Netscape. I tried to
    change the association of wavs to use winamp through Netscape, but it will not
    let me do that for wavs, only for mp3 files.

    But this is the fault of Creative's program and mixer, as it should not turn
    down the wav mixer level just because some wav player is playing a wav. I
    am having a hard time figuring out why that would ever be programmed into
    Creative's program in the first place?
    No, I don't like Spyware. Upgrading anything today, requires installation of
    Spyware, so I don't upgrade anything, plus there is no need to always keep
    upgrading things, the fact that everyone else keeps doing it is the cause of all
    the incompatibility today on the internet, and the reason for all viruses and
    Right, and since this Creative software has been around for a while, and the
    question was asked in years past, even on this newsgroup (I see from doing a
    google search) I thought years later, by now, someone on this group would know
    about the fix.

    I get the impression people here don't even KNOW about this or are hearing this
    for the first time.

    This is a very common problem, since I can so easy find lots of people asking
    this question using google, but never can I find anyone answering the question
    in all my searches.
    John, Feb 16, 2004
  6. John

    Lenny Guest

    Well, I don't know what web pages you visit man, but none of the sites I
    frequent plays wave files when entered. You could probably edit the
    browser's MIME settings to disable PLAYING wavs when they're clicked and
    instead get a download file prompt instead, or do nothing at all, though
    this is probably not what you want.
    This is probably something that only happen for certain users, perhaps such
    a small percentage it is not worth spending much time on, and/or the cause
    which is so obscure it is not easily solved.
    Key operative word being "years ago", LOL. Ever since WinAmp switched to
    their new style of install program (and that was QUITE a while ago), one of
    the steps of the install procedure is a screen with all the media types the
    program handles, with check boxes for each to show which ones should be
    played by the program.
    Then I have to say Netscape's a bit daft from this point of view.
    It could just as well be Netscape fiddling with the volume, that is entirely
    possible. In fact that sounds like a much more plausible theory, especially
    if you have some old, obsolete version of the browser (which I suspect,
    considering your views on upgrading).
    Rofl! Whatever gave you THAT silly idea? There's no spyware in soundcard
    drivers, and even if there was, there's programs on the internet that will
    track it down and kill it. Anyway, on one hand you complain of bugs, but you
    won't consider updating your bugged software? That's a very weird position.
    Why do you even bother asking for help if you won't even consider what is
    likely the most effective solution to your problem?

    THE most frequent source of disgruntled (novice) PC users are those sitting
    with YEARS old software installations, complaining things do not work as
    they should well DUH! Their OS installs are OUTDATED. That's why updates are
    produced, to fix problems! Update your sound drivers AND browser - I'd
    suggest you look at the latest Mozilla instead of Netscape, and if problem
    persist, THEN ask around. Upgrading is ALWAYS first choice, because
    invariably the first piece of advice you'll get WILL be "have you upgraded
    to the latest versions?"

    Paranoid delusions about spyware in anything and everything recent will
    effectively make sure you will ALWAYS have to re-set your volume control
    until the end of time.
    LOL; who told you that?

    It's probably not much of a point upgrading everything to every single
    version that is released, but if you're having a sound-related problem, it
    should be obvious to you the first thing you should look at be upgrading
    your soundcard drivers. Now, this might not BE a sound driver bug as I said,
    it is probably your weird Netscape browser instead, but you won't know for
    sure until you've tried. Jeez...
    Ahaha, LOL, no. Viruses and spyware aren't typically spread through driver
    and software upgrades of legitimate applications. Most spyware comes through
    either file sharing applications or ad-banners that pop up a browser plugin
    download request on your screen, and viruses are typically delivered via
    email, but can also be found in infected applications, though this is much
    less common as PC users typically do not exchange programs much anymore.

    Your explanation to the cause of these maladities is almost entirely
    erroneous. No self-respecting company would boobytrap their software with
    viruses and spyware.
    Uh, well, yeah, probably because the rest of us upgraded from the old
    versions of either drivers or browser years ago, and are thus not affected
    by your issue.
    Very common? Lots?

    On what order are we talking here, tens of thousands of unique queries?
    Hundreds? Dozens? How old are these inquiries anyway? Like I said, a simple
    software upgrade will most likely fix it completely.
    Lenny, Feb 17, 2004
  7. John

    Folk Guest

    It's a Netscape problem, not a Creative problem. Netscape is lazily
    adjusting the system volume control, rather than setting up an
    internal volume control. Real Player does the same thing. Creative
    can't block an application from adjusting the system-wide volume, no
    more than they can block you from doing it manually.

    Maybe a Netscape oriented newsgroup or forum might have an answer for
    you. It sounds like the best solution would be to prevent Netscape
    from playing the .wav and allowing some other app to play it. I see
    you tried that with no success... you just need to find out a way to
    do it through Netscape and this is the wrong group for that.

    Folk, Feb 17, 2004
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