Ways to keep my mid-tower computer cooler when gaming?

Discussion in 'IBM' started by ANTant@zimage.com, Apr 12, 2005.

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    I have a dilemma. I seem to have an overheating problem with my computer
    setup when I play games (e.g., World of Warcraft, Battlefield 1942,
    Half-Life 2, etc. Windows would crash with mostly blue screens (random
    errors like PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA (50) with fwdrv.sys (still get
    crashes without Kerio's Personal Firewall v2.1.5),
    KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (8e) with ntkrnlpa.exe, BugCheck 50,
    {fffffff1, 0, 805b0109, 0} with ati2mtag.sys ( ati2mtag+d0d49 ),
    BugCheck 8E, {c0000005, c458bf4, b7df7938, 0} with portcls.sys (
    portcls!CPortPinWavePci::GetKsAudioPosition+1c ), BugCheck 7E,
    {c0000005, 1d58c920, f7a5fcb0, f7a5f9ac} with win32k.sys (
    win32k!ESTROBJ::vInit+357 ), etc. The crashes can take 30 minutes to
    hours to happen.

    I have NO problems when I am not gaming, using 3D (openGL and Direct3D)
    screen savers, running atitools to stress test my ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
    AIW (128 MB) card for hours, cpuburn by itself for hours (highest was
    154 F/67.8 C degrees, memtest86 for hours (all passed), etc. To me, it
    sounds like a combination of everything in game makes my computer too
    hot instead of individual compontent. What else can be getting hot
    beside the video card and motherboard during gaming? I doubt a sound
    card could. I have a HDD cooler so HDDs should be fine. You can see my
    full detailed system specifications at
    http://alpha.zimage.com/~ant/antfarm/about/computers.txt (primary
    computer -- note that I have old stuff like old Quantum HDDs, CD burner,

    I notice my system would become unstable if my ASUS K8V SE Deluxe
    motherboard's temperature was at about and over 110 F/43 C degrees.

    Another problem is that my small room is always warm due to the location
    and it is upstair. I do not get sufficient cooling from the air
    condition. Opened window is useful when the weather is cool, but useless
    when it is warm or in a middle of a heat wave (100+ F/37.7 C degrees
    outside!). Big fans for my room and myself don't really help much

    Would getting a Thermaltake Silent Boost K8
    (http://www.thermaltake.com/coolers/venus/rs/a1838.htm) to cool the
    AMD Athlon 64 CPU down help at all? Again, going up to 154 with cpuburn
    did not have any problems. However, BIOS and ASUS PC Probe say 140+
    F/60+ C degrees is overheating so I might as well get a better CPU
    cooler. I was thinking of readding my old squirrel fan blower (used it
    for my old Voodoo2 card that kept overheating years ago) in the PC case,
    but would it help and where would I put it? Would these be enough? I
    already have Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer revision 2 for the video card
    (had dot problems in DOOM 3 due to heat issue), a 3 fan HDD Peeze
    cooler, two 80 mm case fans, and an Antec Model SL400 (400 watts; 80mm
    and 92mm fans) power supply. Isn't this enough? I have two front vents
    (HDD cooler in the middle of the full-tower ATX case and at the bottom
    that is part of the case). The power supply fans blow out the heat in
    the back (1/4th down from the top of the case and feels like a heater
    (not hot; very warm though)), and there is another vent at the top (no
    air blow out -- maybe a good place for the squirrel fan?) Note: I have
    had this case since July 1998 and I never had problems with P2 300 Mhz,
    P3 600 Mhz, and Athlon XP 2200+ setups before getting an Athlon 64

    The fans speed to be working normally according to ASUS PC Probe and
    -CPU Fan (the one from the retail CPU box): 59xx
    -Chassis Fan: 2556 (forgot which fan is connected to this -- don't
    have a chassis fan)
    -Power fan is not hooked up to the sensors, but I know it is blowing.
    -Note: Voltage graphs looked stable when gaming and not.

    Any suggestions on how to make my system cooler during gaming? I don't
    want to go overboard like getting water cooling system. I need to fix it
    before summer comes alone, and so I can get back into gaming. Thank you
    in advance. :)
    "Be thine enemy an ant, see in him an elephant." --Turkish Proverb
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    , Apr 12, 2005
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