ways to sync Address Book and Entourage X

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Bruce, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    Dear MacFriends-

    Forgive me if this is discussed elsewhere in the FAQs (I didn't run
    across it). I am looking for a way to synchronize my contacts in
    Entourage and AddressBook. Ideally, I would like a freeware solution,
    but I'm willing to pop for a shareware solution (up to $25 or so).

    I do know about vCard drag-and-drop, but find this very cumbersome for
    managing incremental updates to my contacts. Also, it looks like the
    fields in Entourage and AddressBook don't match up fully. My main
    contacts are in Entourage, and I like Entourage's contact management
    interface, but a few new things get added to AddressBook from Apple
    Mail, which I've gone back to using because Entourage can't read
    dot-mac and my other accounts get spammed so much I've started routing
    all my real mail to dot-mac. Since I'm using Apple Mail as my main
    mail program, the contact lists in Entourage and AddressBook may start
    to diverge if I don't have a real synchronization solution, and I'd
    like to be able to sync my contacts onto my iPod. iPodIt does a nice
    job for Entourage-iPod contact syncing, but the contacts from iPodIt
    don't get sync'd back to AddressBook with iSync AFAIK.

    Any advice or suggestions?

    Bruce, Aug 6, 2003
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