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Discussion in 'FIC' started by HN, Jul 13, 2004.

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    I am currently looking for people interested in low-cost web hosting. I am starting a low-priced web hosting program which will cost $7 per month per user. For $7 per month, you will receive the following:

    Space: 200 MB
    Bandwidth: 2GB/MO
    5 Subdomains
    3 FTP Accounts

    10 Email Accounts
    -Unlimited Forwarding
    -Unlimited Autoresponders
    -Mailman Mailing List

    Server Technologies:
    Perl 5
    Frontpage Extensions
    MySQL Databases

    Custom Error Pages
    Password Protection (.htacess)
    Hotlink Protection
    Server Side Includes
    Streaming Audio/Video
    Shopping Cart
    Webalizer Statistics
    CPanel 9 Control Panel
    Scripta v1.1
    Free Technical Support

    If you are interested in being hosted under my plan, please contact me at and I should get back to you the same day. Payments will be via Paypal and please note that at this time I am only accepting those who can pay in US dollars.

    Thanks for your time and interest.

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    HN, Jul 13, 2004
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