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Weird. Card receives radio signals when computer is off!

Discussion in 'Soundblaster Live' started by res0r89p, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. res0r89p

    res0r89p Guest

    I have a weird issue with my SB Live card (the $42 model). I've noticed a
    humming sound at times, even with the computer turned off.When I turn up the
    volume on the speaker (computer off, mind you) I hear a radio station on top
    of the humming sound. The computer is a P3, 933, Asus CUV4x board. How can a
    sound card receive radio signals by itself??? The only thing plugged into
    the sound card is the speaker plug. Thanks. The computer runs XP Pro-when
    it's turned on, by the way.
    Peter Cowie
    res0r89p, Jan 24, 2004
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  2. res0r89p

    Folk Guest

    Are your speakers the Cambridge speakers branded by Creative? If so,
    then it's your speakers picking up the radio stations, not your sound
    card. I use to have those speakers and they did exactly the same
    thing. Replaced them with some Klipsch speakers (sweet) and the
    problem went away.
    Folk, Jan 27, 2004
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  3. res0r89p

    Philburg2 Guest

    Easy solution, turn off the speakers. Can't pick up a signal if they're
    Philburg2, Jan 27, 2004
  4. res0r89p

    res0r89p Guest

    Thanks for the Speaker tip. I didn't know speakers (I have some Accent
    speakers) could do that. I found the source of the hum today, though. It
    seems the speaker plug wasn't quite snug with the card. As soon as I pushed
    it in a bit more, the hum disappeared and I have clean sound now.
    Peter cowie
    res0r89p, Jan 28, 2004
  5. res0r89p

    ME Guest

    My set did the same, only I have the cusl2-c board. Lets see if the T7700's
    do also.
    ME, Feb 10, 2004
  6. res0r89p

    . Guest

    The problem probably isn't in the sound card. I'm guessing that there is
    a powerful AM radio station transmiter near you. The audio cable is
    acting like an antenna, and picking up this signal. If these wires are
    *not* shielded, it would cause this, both the hum and the radio station

    Suggest you try using a shielded cable, or maybe different speakers. If
    you plug headphones in, instead of the speakers, does the noise go away?

    In extreme cases of RF interence, a .01 uF capacitor can be soldered
    across the audio input(s) to the amplified speakers.

    Check the ground connection on the computer itself. I doubt that is the
    problem, but it could cause hum if not properly grounded.

    ., Feb 20, 2004
  7. res0r89p

    Nanaglyph Guest

    I have a weird issue with my SB Live card (the $42 model).

    Price doesn't matter, all the SB Live cards are exactly the same circuit board,
    they just solder on more in and out connectors to the more expensive ones. You
    can do that yourself and save money by just purchasing the cheapest one and
    soldering on your own connectors.
    Thus this has nothing to do with your soundcard or computer at all, since they
    have no power going to them!

    You obviously have self powered speakers.
    Which AM radio station antenna do you live next to? You know, those big towers
    with the red flashing light on top you can probably see from your house?
    The computer is turned off, thus who cares what kind it is, it is not even powered
    up! If you didn't have it in your house, you would still have the problem.
    The sound card gets it's power from the computer, which you said was turned off,
    thus the sound card has nothing to do with it, it is not even on.
    Unplug the self amplified speakers from the sound card and you probably still have
    the problem. In fact, bring the computer and sound card to a friend's house in
    another state, then go back home and find your speakers still have this problem.
    You should not be using anything other than win98se. Everything after that is
    unreliable shit.
    I suggest making sure you check the neighborhood for AM radio stations, and any
    other big antennas and towers before buying a house next time.

    If you look on the back of your computer or self powered speakers, (if you are in
    the US) you will see a label that says according to FCC rules, you MUST ACCEPT any
    interference that you get. This is not a joke, look and you will see it, it is
    an FCC rule.

    So, according to the law, you just have to live with it. (in the USA anyway)

    There are quality designed products that do not have interference problems, even
    if you live next to an AM radio station, but you won't find these properly
    designed products at Best Buy or Walmart and you will have to pay a reasonable
    price for quality and good performance.

    Keep buying cheap crap, and this is what you get. Also, don't move in an area
    with big giant radio towers next time.
    Nanaglyph, Feb 21, 2004
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