Weird Dimension 9200 problem

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Tom Scales, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Tom Scales

    scott9200 Guest

    Hello again,

    I pulled the video card out and ran the tests over remote desktop wit
    no card whatsoever. BTW, the system has 2G of RAM and is currentl
    running BIOS 2.1.2. The HD is still on SATA3 and still is NOT in "Rai
    On" mode.

    The following 4 tests were all with no video card. The first 2 wer
    with services (VMWARE and SQL Server) running--although presumabl
    idle--and 2 USB 2 external hard drives connected. For test 3, I stoppe
    the services and for test 4 I also disconnected the external drives.

    AFTER these 4 HD Tune tests, and things still sucking, I added anothe
    SATA drive to SATA4 and put the video card back in (I had to get int
    BIOS, so...)
    Anyway, now I know how things *-should-* look.

    'New results!' (

    I have the front panel memory card reader on the thing; maybe I shoul
    take that off. Mostly kidding there.

    All of a sudden, I'd like to salvage this machine. Maybe I can buy
    SATA controller and it will work? Anyone have any controlle
    recommendations or guesses as to the likelihood of success if I tr
    this? I'm ok writing off the first 160G if I have to--I'm tha
    desperate--but is the OS drive always going to have awful performance
    Is that how this works? I don't get it; it's not the SATA port and th
    (current boot) drive passed all tests without the OS loaded. If I pu
    an OS on the drive in SATA4 and boot from that, will -*that drive *
    become the one with horrible performance... Also, where is that Del
    guy that was lurking around here earlier =) This is terrible.

    Thanks for all the responses already; it's at least good to have hear
    from someone else with the same problem. Oh; one other thing... Tom
    did you have it working with a different vid card and 1.0.3 or 2.1.
    BIOS? I could still downgrade AND remove the video card, but.. I don'
    feel confident that will help after the last test. And if this ha
    something to do with power, why does the 2nd SATA drive perform fin
    with they're both in there along with the video card? Is there som
    kind of interrupt conflict? (I don't know if those still happen, bu
    that kind of thing, along with mobo/memory compatibility is why
    stopped building my own computers. I'm now 1 for 2 with Dells though.)

    scott9200, Feb 8, 2007
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  2. Tom Scales

    Tom Scales Guest

    If I am reading this right, it is only the boot drive causing the problem,
    correct? What happens when you go back to BIOS 1.x.x. That should make a
    huge difference (although not perfect).

    If the problem is the drivers loaded for the 7300LE, it is possible they are
    still loaded even without the card, I suppose. I used DriveCleanerPro to
    get rid of them all (run it in Safe mode).

    For now, I'm just writing off the boot drive (250GB!) and using the
    secondary drives. Dell is clearly aware of the problem and seems to be
    working on a fix.

    Tom Scales, Feb 8, 2007
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