Weird SATA: NO OS BOOT (sometimes)

Discussion in 'MSI' started by jagslap, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. jagslap

    jagslap Guest

    maybe someone knows what is going on.
    i installed a 2nd hard drive and now my homemade PC has a boot issue.
    upon 1st hard power-on and then soft power-on, it gets through post,
    but then a black screen instead of XP pro.
    i then have to hard power off.
    heres the strange part:
    i can then turn the PC on and boot Just Fine! (after selecting "start
    windows normally")

    the new drive is:
    Samsung HD753LJ 750GB SATA2 7200rpm 32mb HARD DRIVE.
    it is auto going to secondary slave.
    my main HD is the secondary master (IDE).
    there is no primary anything.
    i have formatted and used the drive already in windows when it boots.

    the mainboard is:
    MSI K8N Neo with a AMD athalon 3000+ -no overclocking to my knowledge.

    during the 1st attempt at boot , if i try to enter BIOS. something in
    the pc makes a crazy buzzing.
    then the whole thing freezes during IDE detection.

    also during the 1st attempt at boot, once frozen, soft power button
    may not work. and soft resets do not cause the PC to boot porperly.
    only HARD power-off and then on.
    jagslap, Mar 2, 2008
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  2. jagslap

    Glasspider Guest

    Sounds like a power issue. Try placing the new drive on its own power
    cable. Also consider the wattage of your power supply, if it is old,
    damaged or like 350 watts, it might not be able to supply enough juice
    during a cold boot. If it is warmed up it can get over the hump.

    If that isn't it. Redo your connections. You might also try another SATA
    channel. It shouldn't matter, but sometimes it fixes SATA weirdness.

    Also make sure your OS drive is set as the boot drive in the bios and/or
    try clearing the bios.


    p.s. don't be concerned if you don't get optimum performance from the
    drive. I think you board has slower SATA connections and the drive will
    be stepping down to match it.
    Glasspider, Mar 3, 2008
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  3. jagslap

    jagslap Guest

    thanks. thats what i think too. i will try everything you said

    is there a way to "warm it up" without turning it on once?
    jagslap, Mar 3, 2008
  4. jagslap

    jagslap Guest

    hi again. i thought i had it licked but the issue slowly came back.

    -eliminated some components in the pc to free up power
    -removed the jumper from my ide (boot drive)
    -changed the sata channel
    -the sata drive is on its own power cable

    -windows xp still does not boot sometimes.
    -sometimes windows will hang WHILE the splash screen is fading in.
    -tonight while using the pc and working off the ide drive, windows
    flashed a delayed write error for the sata drive.
    the computer slowed down quite a bit. we turned it off to reboot. and
    then the sata drive would make clicking and high whirring noises and
    cause the pc to lock up during post. several hard off-ons later it
    still did not start. i am hoping tomorrow it will so i can save some

    i saw some reviewers said that this sata drive has compatibility
    issues with nvidia chipsets.
    i am having trouble finding info about this. can someone help?
    i saw someone Disabled NCQ with the the 15.08 nforce drivers.
    what does that mean?
    will that help me?
    how do i do this?

    jagslap, Mar 20, 2008
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