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Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by John Navas, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. John Navas

    John Navas Guest

    comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad is a new official "Big 8" Usenet newsgroup for
    discussions pertaining to IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad notebook computers that
    should be more widely and freely available than other forums.

    Anyone interested in ThinkPad computers is cordially invited to

    In addition to regular Usenet news services, current and past articles
    can be easily and freely accessed on Google Groups at
    <http://groups.google.com/group/comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad> (old look)
    or <http://groups-beta.google.com/group/comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad/>
    (new look).


    comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad is for discussions pertaining to ThinkPad (IBM
    and Lenovo) laptop computers. It is NOT an official support forum for
    IBM or Lenovo.

    General Usenet "netiquette" guidelines as posted in
    news.announce.newusers and news.answers shall apply to this newsgroup.
    In particular, participants are asked to show courtesy and respect for
    other participants, and to avoid the use of offensive language,
    excessive quoting, or long signature blocks. Participants are encouraged
    to use descriptive Subjects (e.g., "T41 won't boot after disk swap"
    rather than just "Help").

    The following types of posts are prohibited:

    * Off-topic (not directly related to ThinkPad laptop computers)
    * Binaries (except for appended text-encoded digital signatures)
    * Spam (including excessive cross-posting)
    * Make-money-fast or other chain or fraudulent schemes
    * Work-at-home or other scams
    * Commercial advertisements, "infomercials," or announcements
    * Auction notices (e.g., eBay)
    * Forged articles (anonymous articles are allowed)
    * Personal insults or repetitive flaming (attacks)
    * Employment (help and/or position wanted) notices

    The use of e-mail addresses from articles posted to this group for the
    purpose of sending junk (mass unsolicited) e-mail or for compiling a
    list so that others may do so is specifically prohibited.

    In the absence of moderation, prohibitions can, of course, only be
    enforced by the collective will of the group and/or by after-the-fact
    complaints to the offender's service provider. Nevertheless, it is hoped
    that this charter will help in getting complaints resolved.


    John Navas <>


    ThinkPad is a major and very popular brand of laptop/notebook computers,
    formerly part of IBM, now part of Lenovo, with many unique features that
    set the brand apart from other brands of laptop computers.

    Discussions pertaining to ThinkPad laptop computers are currently
    carried in:

    * comp.sys.laptops:
    - generic laptop discussion group
    - traffic of 40 articles per day, down from peak of over 100 per day
    - will remain for discussions not pertaining to ThinkPad
    - Google archive of over 170,000 articles

    * ibm.ibmpc.thinkpad:
    - invalid newsgroup not carried by many news providers
    - traffic of 10 articles per day
    - Google archive of over 9,000 articles

    * http://forum.thinkpads.com/
    - broken down into multiple specific topics
    - over 15,000 registered users
    - over 200,000 articles

    * ThinkPad mailing list
    - List: http://stderr.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/thinkpad
    - Archive: http://zurich.ai.mit.edu/hypermail/thinkpad/
    - traffic of 5-15 messages per day

    The existence of ibm.ibmpc.thinkpad and the popularity of
    forum.thinkpads.com, and traffic on the ThinkPad mailing list, are
    evidence of the demand for a ThinkPad brand-specific forum.

    Once it becomes carried widely, comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad is expected to
    have initial traffic of at least 20 articles per day.

    comp.sys.laptops would remain for discussions not pertaining to ThinkPad
    computers. Although some traffic would presumably be siphoned off into
    comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad, the creation of a specific subgroup might
    re-stimulate interest enough to result in more traffic, and possibly in
    the creation of other comp.sys.laptops.* subgroups.

    HISTORY: comp.sys.laptops

    comp.sys.laptops was created in about 1990. Traffic apparently peaked at
    over 100 articles per day before declining to its current level of about
    40 articles per day. This decline is believed to be more due to
    siphoning off by brand-specific web forums (e.g., forum.thinkpads.com),
    and lack of brand focus, not any lack of interest in laptop computers.

    Adding specific subgroups (IBM, Toshiba, etc.) to comp.sys.laptops was
    proposed in 1994-1995, but apparently went nowhere:



    John Navas, Nov 20, 2010
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