well done Epox Taiwan. EP-8KRA2+ bios problem solved

Discussion in 'Epox' started by Mark N, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. Mark N

    Mark N Guest

    Just a follow up from my previous post re: bad experience with bios KRA23A28
    for Ep-8KRA2+.

    I e-mailed every Epox office with my problem and got a reply from only 1
    office - HQ in Taiwan. They sent me a new bios KRA23C01 (12/01/2003) and all
    my problems are finally solved - until i find some more ;-) . No more bad
    audio with PCI cards, am able to set boot priority for raid controllers.
    etc. etc.

    Regards, Mark
    Mark N, Dec 27, 2003
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  2. Mark N

    Joe Guest

    Believe me, you don't get that kind of support from most others. The
    last non-Epox board I had was an MSI K7 Master which wouldn't work at
    all at 133 Mhz. I think they released 2 updates for it. MSI would not
    support that board in any way and simply ignored the problem. I
    ignored them when it came round to replacing the K7!
    Joe, Dec 28, 2003
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  3. Mark N

    island Guest

    Hi Mark,

    can you please send me this bios to me via e-mail. Have also some
    problems with my Epox Kra2+.

    Many Thanks in advance.

    Regards, island
    island, Dec 28, 2003
  4. Mark N

    Mark N Guest

    Thanks, i never realised that support from motherboard manufacturers was so
    hard to get.

    I have never needed to contact support with my previous Epox slot A mobo and
    Elite K7S5A as they worked (and still work) just fine. The little thermal
    pads on the slot type athlon have come loose but the baby still keeps on
    going. just use it as my downloading machine.

    Mark N, Dec 28, 2003
  5. Sorry for posting this here in the group, but I don't think your eMail
    address is a real one ;-). Would it be possible to mail me that new BIOS
    file? I did not find it on any EPoX server. Thanks a lot in advance!

    To be back on topic: I had only good experiences with EPoX support here in
    Germany. When I had misflashed my BIOS I got an answer to my helpsearching
    mail within 3 hours, containing a postal address where to send the BIOS chip
    to be flashed correctly. Within 3 days I had my BIOS back and was charged
    only about 5 EUR (roughly $5). In another case the answer also was quick and

    Best regards, Juergen Peters

    Juergen Peters, FidoNet 2:2432/344
    Borgholzhausen, Germany
    Juergen Peters, Dec 29, 2003
  6. Mark N

    Peter Geddes Guest

    Yes, could I also get the address for this new BIOS? Hopefully, it will
    solve the RAID/Hard Disk problems I'm having.


    Peter Geddes
    Peter Geddes, Dec 29, 2003
  7. Hello,

    Can I have it too? With the Bios from 28.10 I allway get Bluescreens when I
    use the SATA and build in another Masstorage Controller.

    Achim Kümmel
    Achim Kümmel, Dec 29, 2003
  8. Mark N

    dpeppe Guest

    I also would greatly appreciate a copy of the 12/1/03 bios from Epox.

    Thanks in advance,
    dpeppe, Dec 30, 2003
  9. Mark N

    Mark N Guest


    I recently re-installed XP and so have not have had time to install FTP
    software yet. Once i do that - hopefully this evening - i will upload it to
    my server and post a link here.

    There have been lots of requests for it so this is the best way i guess.

    Mark N, Dec 30, 2003
  10. Mark N

    dpeppe Guest


    Thanks in advance for helping out.

    dpeppe, Dec 30, 2003
  11. Mark N

    Mark N Guest

    Mark N, Dec 30, 2003
  12. Mark N

    dpeppe Guest


    Thanks for the file. I ran some benchmarks, nothing fancy and I don't
    see any major differecnes. One thing I did notice, so far, is that it
    may have cured the problem I was having with my USB devices dropping
    ever once in awhile.

    So far so good,
    Thanks for sharing,
    dpeppe, Dec 30, 2003
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