What are Good socketA & socket 370 micro-atx mini-itx motherboard???

Discussion in 'IBM' started by Danzig Glenn, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. Danzig Glenn

    Danzig Glenn Guest

    Hello to all!
    What are good, fast and/or reliable socket 370 motherboard in small
    format??(micro-atx or mini-itx!!)

    I need one (one socket 370...and one socket A) fully featured (of sensor
    for temperatures and fans, ports: usb 2.0) with lan , decent(or better )
    svga and decent sound, tv-out,...best if a agp slot too ..... that have
    the possibilites of change Vcore of cpu and other things for
    overclock!Support for tualatin and ViaC3
    What are the name of motherboards so??
    (i need one with sdram and another with ddr.... or one that have all two
    type of ram slots!..but it's rare..i know!)

    I need another for light use/or server... so with the major stability,
    no svga&sound..or just minimal...TWO-lan port, possibilities of setting
    cpu (not for overclock... but i need for undervolt and downclock on this
    )..and the same thing...usb2.0...
    ....better if with support for ecc memory

    Thx in advise the answer!

    Danzig Glenn, Sep 10, 2003
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