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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by retrotails, Aug 21, 2010.

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    Aug 21, 2010
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    (sorry if this is in the wrong place)
    I'm thinking about getting a mini ATX but I want to keep most of my major... expensive.. components.
    Intel Pentium Dual-Core E-2200 (LGA 775, of course)
    4x 1GB DDR2 400MHz (PC2-6400)
    ATI Radeon HD 4890 (PCI-E 16x) (CPU bottleneck much?)
    500GB 7200 RPM SATA HDD
    As you can see, I just want it for the size... not the power efficiency.
    Ideas? Best mobo with least parts replaced? Also, I'm stuffing this thing inside of a case mod, so if there's a mobo with totally different connections, places for screws etc. but is basically the same thing I'd take it.
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    retrotails, Aug 21, 2010
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