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What exactly is going on in the tech jobs market, and why ?

Discussion in 'Intel' started by Natalie Vermuelen, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. In spite of some consolation from today's on-off hiring blips, a New York
    Times headline in early September poses a disturbing question, "Is Weak Job
    Growth Normal Now ?" For Lawrence Katz of Harvard University, the truth is
    harsher still: "The dirty little secret is that no one is really looking at
    the quality of new jobs created."
    Bain & Company's Mark Gottfredson puts such processes in context: "There has
    never been an economic discontinuity of this magnitude in the history of the

    If such issues concern you, a new book may provide some answers on what is
    really happening.

    Rising Elephant, a stimulating, sometimes-provocative analysis about India's
    assault on technology jobs - in the context of its longer-term economic,
    geopolitical and societal challenge to the West - has just been released at
    US bookstores by Common Courage Press.
    The book, which is available from Amazon, and numerous other vendors listed
    on the Website mentioned below, also dwells in depth about the intriguing
    India-vs-China equation and its impact on the rest of Asia and beyond.
    Should you wish to see its cover, read its Contents and Introduction, and
    review some excerpts, please click on the link below. Also provided on the
    site is the list of 1,500 citations which buttress its frequently-surprising
    The book is 350 pages in length.

    Web: http://www.risingelephant.com

    Natalie Vermuelen
    Natalie Vermuelen, Sep 20, 2004
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  2. Natalie Vermuelen

    JK Guest

    High tech jobs are being created on a world wide basis, however many of
    those jobs are in countries where salaries are low, and tech jobs are
    still being lost in areas where salaries are high. VOIP(internet long distance
    telephony) and other high tech advances are enabling tech jobs to migrate to
    where the workforce is educated but salaries are still low. This is the dark
    side of globalization. Like it or not, the world is still evolving.
    JK, Sep 20, 2004
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  3. Natalie Vermuelen

    vivek taneja Guest

    Yeah, I have read the book, and it has a lot to say on why low is low
    and how high is high, and the result of the process, today and in
    future. Also, who are 'us' and who are 'them'. The most interesting
    thing is that the roots of the job loss go back to the 1980s but
    everyone was too busy to see what was going on. What we sow we reap.
    vivek taneja, Sep 23, 2004
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