What exactly is PECL Agent temp as opposed to CPU temp??

Discussion in 'Supermicro' started by SteveL, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. SteveL

    SteveL Guest


    I have a new PC with an X7DAE mainboard and two Xeon 5355 quad core
    processors. I'm getting what look to me like confusing temperature

    According to the X7DAE manual the "hardware monitor" BIOS screen has
    three different appearances depending on the processor and monitoring
    chip, and these make sense.

    According to the manual I should get something like:

    CPU Temperature Threshold (selectable)
    CPU1 Temp / CPU1 Second Core
    CPU2 Temp / CPU2 Second Core
    PECI Agent 1 Temperature
    PECI Agent 2 Temperature
    PECI Agent 3 Temperature
    PECI Agent 4 Temperature
    System Temperature
    Fan speed display

    What I get is a cut down list
    CPU Temp Threshold (hard set to 75 degC)
    (no CPU temps)
    PECI Agent 1 Temp (usually 35-40 degC)
    PECI Agent 2 Temp (usually 35-40 degC)
    System Temperature. (usually about 60 DegC)
    Fan Speed display showing decent speeds..

    So I don't get a CPU temp at all. The PECI Agent temps look ok to me
    but the "System temperature" is very high in comparison (I would have
    expected it to be lower than the CPU temp).

    I read somewhere that the PECI Agent temp is a more accurate
    measurement straight off the CPU core, and this is relatively low yet
    the "system temperature" is quite high - wherever that is measured

    Does anyone have a read on what this says about the thermal health of
    my system? Can I trust the PECI figures or worry about the "system
    temperature"? Or where I can find out more?

    SteveL, Aug 20, 2007
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