What is Dell Media Experience ?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by lillekurt, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. lillekurt

    lillekurt Guest

    I have removed it from my new dimension because I am not going to play
    videos and music.
    But in fact there was no information at all about it in the package. So now
    maybe I should know what I might be missing -eventually ?
    lillekurt, Jan 26, 2006
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  2. lillekurt

    Necromonger Guest

    A search on Google revealed to be a "Media Center PC" type of interface.
    Necromonger, Jan 27, 2006
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  3. lillekurt

    lillekurt Guest

    I got it free on a new Dimension 5150 delivered yesterday. I am not
    interested in that crap. Seems that Dell
    pushes that to everybody without any information
    lillekurt, Jan 27, 2006
  4. Not to business customers; I was actually quite happy with the lack of
    junk on my Lat D610. Wasn't quite as baron as Thinkpads come, but I
    didn't bother reinstalling Windows (though I did repartition my HDD &
    install Linux the day I received it).
    Nicholas Andrade, Jan 29, 2006
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