What is normal temp for Opteron 252s

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Scotter, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Scotter

    Scotter Guest

    I'm using the heat grease provided by Zalmann that came with the c9500's.
    Figured they would package the best they could with those c9500's so people
    would feel like the heatsink/fan worked well. Today, as went through this
    process over and over, a couple times I tried using some Arctic Silver I had
    laying around. The Zalmann goop seemed to work about the same. I tried using
    a plastic bag to spread the stuff (instead of my finger). I tried using less
    goop. I tried using more goop. I was even careful to turn each screw the
    same amount of turns so the heatsink was seated evenly on the CPU! Nothing
    made much of a difference (except it is running hotter now). I'm suspecting
    either (a) the CPU has internal problems; (b) the motherboard; or (c) the
    Soooo tired of this crap. Thinking Monday I'm going to have a talk with the
    local shop who put this thing together for me and maybe they will give me a
    replacement CPU while they RMA this one.

    Thanks for all the great advice! I appreciate you guys caring enough to
    share your wisdom.
    Scotter, Jan 20, 2006
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  2. Scotter

    Ed Light Guest

    Sounds like you're going for a motherboard swap.

    Let us know how it goes!

    Ed Light

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    Ed Light, Jan 21, 2006
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  3. Scotter

    Scotter Guest


    Thanks to Ed and the rest of you for helping in this investigation! :)

    I finally realized something very simple I should have done from day one
    when I noticed temp disparity!

    I swapped the CPUs and slots. Turns out no matter what slot "CPU#2" is
    placed in, THAT CPU overheats. It tends to run about 38-40 deg. C above
    whatever Ambient is at the time.

    So yay, Monday I'll appeal to the guys who built this machine to swap that
    processor for me.

    I've spent soooo much time this past couple weeks trying to get the temp
    down on this thing, it's a big relief to now KNOW the solution, to KNOW my
    motherboard is ok, to KNOW the bios is ok, and to suspect my brain is ok :)
    Scotter, Jan 21, 2006
  4. Scotter

    Scotter Guest

    Prime95, eh? Cool. Thanks for the advice!
    As soon as I get that new CPU in the box I'll do that!
    Scotter, Jan 21, 2006
  5. Scotter

    Ed Light Guest

    Prime95, eh? Cool. Thanks for the advice!
    Actually, I don't know if it will load both cpus.

    Anyone know about that?
    Ed Light

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    Ed Light, Jan 22, 2006
  6. Scotter

    Bill Guest

    Prime95 is an excellent tool to test CPU and memory stability.

    I had a problem with my new system running Prime95 and I was starting to
    pull my hair out when I discovered that my OCZ DDR400/PC3200 memory
    likes to be pushed with higher than normal voltage. Once I set the
    memory to run at 2.8v it would run at stock speeds just fine.

    At 2.95v I can overclock my DDR400 memory to 416 with ease. In fact, I
    can push it to 433+, but then the HTT doesn't like it that high when
    overclocking my CPU by 500MHz as well.

    Right now I'm running my x2 3800+ at 2500 MHz and my memory is at 208
    MHz (DDR416) with 2-2-2-5 1T timings. I can push it to about 2600 MHz,
    but I prefer a little breathing room. This CPU is sweet!


    Besides, I'm still using the stock cooler and it gets up to 57c at full
    load, which is too hot as far as I'm concerned. A new cooler will be
    installed next week to bring temps down to acceptable levels. Perhaps a
    BlueOrb or Zalman 9500...haven't decided yet but I'm leaning towards a
    lower profile cooler like the Orb to reduce stress on the motherboard.
    Prime95, like most single-threaded apps, will load both cores, but only
    up to 50% total. You have to run two instances of Prime95 in different
    directories/folders in order to get one on each core.

    Once you run Prime95 twice, you can change the affinity setting for each
    one under the Advanced settings to run on core 0/1, and get a 100% load.
    (all of this info is on the Prime95 website).

    When you run Prime95 to check for stability, let it run overnight for 8+
    hours before you declare the system stable. When I was bumping the
    memory voltages, I found that I could run it for 20-30 minutes, then it
    would start to produce errors.

    Once I located the sweet spot for the memory voltage, Prime95 and
    Memtest ran for 48+ hours without errors, and I'm confident I have a
    very stable system.
    Bill, Jan 22, 2006
  7. Scotter

    Scotter Guest

    Well yay the local computer shop, Bantam Electronics in Austin, TX, has
    agreed to RAM the cpu and they even ordered some Opteron 252s so they can
    hand me one so I'm not down even a day. They even invited me to bring the
    box in and their head tech guy will work WITH me to put the new CPU into my
    box! Very very cool!
    I want to give these guys a plug. If any of you live in Austin, Texas and
    you want a new computer custom built or you need fixes, these guys rock.
    I've been using them for years: http://www.bantamei.com
    Scotter, Jan 23, 2006
  8. Scotter

    Scotter Guest

    ooops I meant "RMA" not "RAM" heh
    Scotter, Jan 23, 2006
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