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What is the Boot Agent Utility on an A31?

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by news.rcn.com, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. news.rcn.com

    news.rcn.com Guest

    I have just been given an A31 which has had its hard drive wiped completely.
    I reinstalled XP Pro retail and during the installation, the process saw the
    HDD as one partition. I presume this means that the F11 boot isn't
    available as the previous owner wiped it (and have found some references to
    IBM trying to sell restore discs to owners where this had happened
    intentionally or unintentionally)

    My unit still shows the Boot Agent Utility 4.0.22 on boot up. In fact if you
    press the wrong buttons, it gives various PXE error messages telling you
    that there is no media in the computer or that the cable is broken etc.

    Does this boot agent actually do anything useful and/or should it be
    retained? I note that there is a page on the Thinkpad site called
    "ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery" which lets you download a tool describing
    itself as: " Rescue and Recovery 3.0 is a suite of self-recovery tools to
    help you diagnose, get help, and recover your system". Assuming an F11 boot
    doesn't work for the reasons I mentioned, is this true?

    Confusingly, the description page says both that the Rescue and Recovery
    restores your system to a previously backed up state, making one wonder why
    it needs to be a 485 megabyte download if the real situation is that it can
    only restore IF you have a complete system, software and data backup
    somewhere on a network? It also says that it restores the OS to the
    factory-installed state. Again, assuming an F11 boot doesn't work for the
    reasons I mentioned, is this something to do with the Boot Agent Utility
    which I still seem to have?
    news.rcn.com, Jan 14, 2006
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