What is the fastest processor for the inspiron 3500

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Christopher Muto, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. have an inspiron 3500 with a celeron 366mhz running xt reasonably well, but
    was wondering what faster processor this system could accept. any insight
    welcome. thank you!
    Christopher Muto, Mar 5, 2004
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  2. Christopher Muto

    Robert Guest

    Ah the Compal unit that HP also sold as an Omnibook 4100.
    It is quite interesting swapping BIOS's - just to wind up people.
    Anyway to answer your question - 400.

    Inspiron 3500- Product Name:Boulder APCC RTS (10 Feb 99)
    PRM 1 Y 6459D PRM,PDA300,300M,128KI,A0 PM Module, Celeron 300
    PRM 1 Y 6557D PRM,PDA300,300M,256KI,AGP,A0 PM Module, Dixon 300
    PRM 1 Y 6157D PRM,PDA333,333M,256KI,AGP,A0 PM Module, Dixon 333
    PRM 1 Y 7157D PRM,PDA366,366M,256KI,AGP,A0 PM Module, Dixon 366

    APCC RTS (06 April 99) Inspiron 3500- Product Name :Boulder II
    Base Mod
    4861P : ASSY,BASE,I3500,14.1,OEM,A-C

    PRM 1 Y 3155P PRM,PCA333,333M,128K,AGP PM Module, Celeron 333

    APCC RTS (14 June 99) Inspiron 3500- Product Name :Boulder III
    Base Mod
    4861P : ASSY,BASE,I3500,14.1,OEM,A-C

    PRM 1 Y 8155P PRM,PCA366,366M,128K,AGP PM Module, Celeron 366
    PRM 1 Y 4155P PRM,PDA400,400M,256K,AGP PM Module, Dixon 400
    PRM 1 Y 3964R PRM,PCA400,400M,128,AGP PM Module, Celeron 400

    INSPIRON I3500 (APCC RTS 3 November 1998) - APCC SERVICE PARTS

    PRM 1 Y 1615C PRM,5PP233,233M,512K,AGP MMC2 Module 233MHz
    PRM 1 Y 2615C PRM,5PP266,266M,512K,AGP MMC2 Module 266MHz
    1 Y 3615C PRM,5PP300,300M,512K,AGP MMC2 Module 300MHz
    Robert, Mar 5, 2004
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  3. robert, thank you for the fast reply. do you happen to also know if it was
    a mmc2 type? and do you perhaps have an opinion if it is worth the bother
    to upgrade from the celeron 366 to the pii 400? my recollection is that
    there wasn't a big a performance difference between mobile celeron and
    pentium processors in this generation. unlike desktop versions that
    differed in both on die cache and external bus speed, the mobiles only had a
    difference in the amount of cache, right? did the mobile pii offer much
    performance difference over the celerons? thanks again.
    Christopher Muto, Mar 5, 2004
  4. The i3500 uses an MMC-1 CPU. And unless you're given one or find one for
    $20 or less, the upgrade from 366 to 400 is likely to make so little
    difference, it's not worth the effort.
    Edward J. Neth, Mar 5, 2004
  5. understood. thanks for the advice.

    Christopher Muto, Mar 5, 2004
  6. Christopher Muto

    Robert Guest

    I agree - not worth it.
    Robert, Mar 5, 2004
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