What revision do I have

Discussion in 'FIC' started by Brad Clarke, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. Brad Clarke

    Brad Clarke Guest

    I have a VA-503+ that is labeled E:4502. I got it for free awhile ago,
    and can't find anything in the manual regarding this. I installed the
    JE4333 BIOS on it, and it works fine.

    Anyway, is this a revision 1.2A board, or is it an older design?

    I see a lot of references to "Revision 1.2A E:0037" and wonder if mine
    is older or newer.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Brad Clarke, Feb 12, 2004
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  2. Brad Clarke

    farmuse Guest

    to be honest I have not heard of that sticker number, but it's a
    higher number so I am inclined to say it's a newer board. The version
    number is on the motherboard itself at the end of the last ISA slot, in
    the corner of the board. hope this helps ~
    farmuse, Feb 12, 2004
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  3. Brad Clarke

    Brad Clarke Guest

    Never mind, I figured it out.

    It's a 1.2A board with a PCB revision of E:4502.
    Brad Clarke, Feb 12, 2004
  4. Brad Clarke

    Brad Clarke Guest

    I found an FAQ on how to locate the revision shortly after I made my
    initial posting. Turns out it is a 1.2A board.

    You're right...the 4502 number seems odd. I've come across references
    to 4503 and 0037, but not 4502. 4502 is on the box and the sticker on
    the board itself, so it's not a misprint.

    Hmmm...maybe it's a colector's item :)

    Thanks for the info...Brad
    Brad Clarke, Feb 12, 2004
  5. Brad Clarke

    Robert Akins Guest

    I think my board is a revision E:4502. 1.2A
    Robert Akins, Feb 12, 2004
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