What to do with "caps lock"

Discussion in 'Apple' started by gkshenaut, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. gkshenaut

    gkshenaut Guest

    Hi, if you like caps lock and actually use it, then bless you.

    Otherwise, the question is, what to do with a key located right
    where the control key should be, next to the letter "A", that
    will always light up when you press it and turn off when you press
    it again?

    It is relatively easy to make a set of definitions for your keyboard
    that will ignore caps lock, that is, the state of caps lock will have
    no effect whatever on the key-to-code mapping. But the caps lock will
    still turn on and off that LED.

    The idea I've had so far that appeals to me the most is to use caps
    lock to slide the dock in and out. That is, it will not affect the
    meaning of your keystrokes in any way, but the dock (and perhaps a few
    other "adornment" objects on the display) will appear/disappear depending
    on whether caps lock is on or off.

    Any other ideas?

    Greg Shenaut
    gkshenaut, Jan 13, 2004
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  2. gkshenaut

    Bob Harris Guest

    I actually use it as a Control key and just ignore the light or hit it
    again and turn the light off.


    uControl also allow changing some of the other modifier keys.

    Bob Harris
    Bob Harris, Jan 13, 2004
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  3. gkshenaut

    gkshenaut Guest

    Sure, that's perfectly reasonable. My idea was that it might be
    interesting to figure out something positive to use the led for.
    Turning on and off screen ornamentation including the dock could
    be very useful, and there already is a control key--in a strange
    place, but not all that strange (I'm on a 17" powerbook, BTW).

    And, you could get a magic marker and cross out the "caps", and
    carefully draw a "c" shape next to the "lock" to turn it into

    Greg Shenaut
    gkshenaut, Jan 13, 2004
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