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Discussion in 'FIC' started by edi, May 22, 2004.

  1. edi

    edi Guest

    Don't be suprised if there is some lack of power in your system. I'm aware
    that this may look
    silly, but from my experience with this board while changing locations and
    movin' in to another city, I experianced many sys disfunctions in relation
    with the general electrical current quaility on thoes locations, so mabe it
    is yours power supply.
    Whel this applies on my country, witch is Croatia in Europe where we
    depend on mercy of ours local 'monopolistic' general infrastructure service
    providers, as we only recently have accepted on repubic level a law
    concernig protection of consumers rights.
    But aside of that, many glitches concernig this board still remain a
    mistery to me. Allthoe I think of myself as an XP in Hware. But all thoes
    old legacy industry standards implemented in our BIOS OS-es in PC-s declared
    by IBM PC AT/ATX architecture standards offers to many companys witch
    produce hardware especially MB-os a way to implement new technologies in a
    disrespectfull way towards us, the end users.
    This may seam disscouraging, but it just may be that without any
    previous clear announcments our hardware industries are sometimes leavin' us
    without proper support by implemeting tech.-s with dissregard to declared
    I'm havin' second thougts 'bout posting this reply concernin' my gramar
    (haha) and as it overcomes your problem witch also could be mine. So I'll
    post it as a reply and as a new topic.

    And as a third thought, maybe we should all get and IBM ACE degree,
    concerning our efforts to put theirs crapy products to work. Or I am just an
    daydreamin', ethousiastic amater.
    edi, May 22, 2004
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