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What's the deal with ATI cards and PCI lock-ups?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Bruce Morgen, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. Bruce Morgen

    Bruce Morgen Guest

    I've inherited a few ATI PCI
    video cards -- most notably
    a like-new All-In-Wonder 128
    -- and they seem to have a
    PCI bus conflict with my
    Tekram DC-390U2W SCSI
    controller. The cards sign
    on briefly before the HP
    Vectra boot-up bar appears
    and the boot continues long
    enough for the system BIOS
    to sign on, but at the point
    where the Tekram card's BIOS
    normally signs on the screen
    goes blank and the system
    locks up solid. The same
    system boots up normally to
    Win2K with several non-ATI
    cards, including a Voodoo3
    and an old Creative Labs
    Graphics Blaster (Cirrus
    Logic Laguna 5464). The
    only one of the ATI cards
    that works normally in this
    system in an ancient is an
    ancient Mach64 (early Rage
    w/2MB VRAM). What gives?

    The system is a two-CPU
    HP Vectra XW 6/200 PC
    workstation upgraded with a
    pair of Pentium II 333
    Overdrives and the latest
    flash BIOS update from HP.

    Any and all thoughts are
    much appreciated -- I've
    contacted ATI but I thought
    it might be a good idea to
    ask the ATI user community
    too. Thanks in advance!

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    Bruce Morgen, Oct 20, 2004
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  2. Bruce Morgen

    Good Man Guest

    hi... i assume that you have made sure that the IRQ settings aren't the
    same for both?
    Good Man, Oct 20, 2004
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  3. Bruce Morgen

    Bruce Morgen Guest

    It's hard to check when
    the system won't boot,
    but I took care to put
    the cards into widely
    separated PCI slots. I
    was able to boot up to
    Win2K with a non-ATI
    card AND the All-In-
    Wonder 128, getting my
    video from the non-ATI
    card -- I then was able
    intall the ATI drivers
    from the CD-ROM and get
    the All-In-Wonder
    listed in Device
    Manager. However, when
    I removed the non-ATI
    card the system
    reverted to the same
    unbootable condition.

    This is similar to the
    way my son's old Compaq
    Presario, where the
    boot-up process (POST,
    etc.) was displayed by
    the motherboard video
    and he was able to get
    his Radeon to display
    when Win2K's GUI came
    up -- except this HP
    box doesn't have a PCI
    slot to spare for a
    second video card to
    enable that kind of

    Grrr -- frustrating!
    Thanks for trying to
    help, I appreciate it.

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    Bruce Morgen, Oct 21, 2004
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