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What's this driver update at windows update for ATI cards do/for?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by The Mighty MF, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. Shown as "ATI Technologies Inc. display software update released on December
    12 2003".
    What is this? Is it the catalyst 4.2? I'm pretty weary about downloading it
    since I'm not exactly sure what it does (and it's MS, you know). Anyone
    here try it? Did it improve or decrease performance at all? I tried
    dejanews searching, but came up blank =(. Any info is appreciated.

    The Mighty MF, Mar 3, 2004
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  2. The Mighty MF

    Hairy Jay Guest


    Ignore all driver updates from the Windows Update site. Download only from
    manufacturer's (ATI) site or other sites recommended here (Omega).

    Hairy Jay, Mar 3, 2004
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  3. The Mighty MF

    Tod Guest

    www.ati.com is the best place to get ATI drivers
    the one at MS is an old driver.
    Tod, Mar 3, 2004
  4. Usually my plan =). The reason I was curious was I just built this system
    about a week ago. All was well, and I downloaded that particular driver
    without really paying attention. Everything was swell, but since I am still
    tweaking, and probably will reformat once I get everything "set" (which
    driver revisions to install etc), I decided to change my driver to the 4.1
    version. (I completely cleaned out all previous drivers-- 3.7 along with the
    patch from MS). Everything is running well, *except* one thing. The 1080i
    DVD promos from microsoft's website runs really choppy, dropping hundreds of
    frames. Before, when I had that update installed, I had no problems. Now,
    I'm trying to figure out if something else is amiss, or perhaps that update
    had a fix in it. That's why I was asking. BTW, my sys specs:
    WinXP Home
    AMD 64 3200+
    Asus K8V Deluxe
    1gig Kingston Hyper
    Sapphire 9800 PRO
    SB Audigy
    70g Raptor (C:\ and D:\)
    80g Misc

    I have shut down all unneeded services, and have no background apps running,
    so the poor performance of those clips is really puzzling. Anyway, thanks
    for the advice, and if anyone knows exactly what that file Microsoft
    offering is, I'd appreciate it. Or, if anyone has any tips on what might be
    causing that particular performance loss, I would be indebted.

    The Mighty MF, Mar 3, 2004
  5. The Mighty MF wrote:

    Or, if anyone has any tips on what might be
    Is your Audigy in the PCI slot next to your AGP card?
    Philip Callan, Mar 3, 2004
  6. The Mighty MF

    Debug Guest

    Maybe you need to resinstall Directx9.0b? BTW, those Microsoft supplied
    drivers are probably the last drivers they have certified from ATI, but they
    are certainly not the most recent available. MS likes to try and get us all
    to use certified drivers, less hassles that way maybe.I used them for a
    while though and had no isssues with them that I can remember.I'm using the
    latest Omega drivers now though.
    Debug, Mar 3, 2004
  7. The Mighty MF

    Gordon Scott Guest

    Its like a cat 3.10, MS site drivers are way behind what the
    manufacturers are releasing.
    Gordon Scott, Mar 3, 2004
  8. No, no, no! I know better then that, heh. =)

    It's in PCI 4 I believe. Maybe 5.

    The Mighty MF, Mar 3, 2004
  9. Good point, maybe that's what got borked along the way. I'll try that and
    report what happens tomorrow.

    The Mighty MF, Mar 3, 2004
  10. The Mighty MF

    Sleepy Guest

    the 3.7s are the most stable/compatible driver of recent.
    by all means experiment with newer drivers from ATI (as the others say) but
    keep the 3.7s handy as a fallback.
    Sleepy, Mar 3, 2004
  11. The Mighty MF

    pjp Guest

    I think you'll find them a good stable driver but WITHOUT OpenGl support.
    Microsoft uses DirectX only of course :)
    pjp, Mar 3, 2004
  12. The Mighty MF

    Debug Guest

    Yea, but if you have previous drivers already installed and then let
    the MS update install the ones they have then OPenGL will still work.
    Debug, Mar 3, 2004
  13. The Mighty MF

    pjp Guest

    Not if all you've ever done is install the OS and then gone to the update
    site which is what I suspect happens to most people. They then believe the
    have the latest and greatest drivers (for better or worse) and wonder why
    specific games don't run.
    pjp, Mar 4, 2004
  14. Okay, it wasn't the next day, but I finally figured out how to fix my
    problem. I did reinstall DirectX, and still the same bad performance with
    1080p MS demo dvd's. For anyone else who is having this issue, this is what
    worked for me. Credit goes to "amirm" over at www.avsforum.com. I'll take
    no responsibility since this involves editing you registry, do so at your
    own risk!... Summed up version below:

    Add a new "dword" called "IgnoreAVSync" with a value 1.

    Here's a link to the post:

    Just in case anyone else comes across this problem, this might fix it for
    them, and save them some time =)

    Take care,
    The Mighty MF, Mar 6, 2004
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