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Where can I buy xp tablet edition?

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Wayne, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Wayne

    Wayne Guest

    Hi all, I'm usually pretty good at sourcing software and licenses myself but
    this one has me really stumped...

    Let me explain...

    I'm in charge of all the software deployed on field engineers netbooks. We
    have decided to use the EEE T91 because its has a touch screen.

    We need a touch screen and XP Tablet Edition because some of our software
    uses Microsoft Ink for signature capture.

    Managing to borrow a copy of XP TE for lab purposes, I installed it and with
    a few tweaks, got the system working perfectly.

    Management then decided to run with the EEE T91. Great...

    My problem is I cannot get hold of any standard or OEM copies of XP tablet
    edition. I have tried all the shops listed in Google products, Amazon and
    Ebay with no luck.

    Very rarely I find an on-line shop with stock levels more than 0 only to
    find when I order that they actually have none in stock...

    If only I could get hold of just one legitimate product key it would be a
    good start.

    If anyone can offer some help here, I would be most grateful.

    Regards, Wayne.
    Wayne, Feb 3, 2010
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  2. Wayne

    Invalid Guest

    I suspect you will struggle.

    XP Tablet is effectively discontinued.

    In any case MS never really sold it as a retail product. It was
    supposedly only to be sold with an approved Tablet PC by the OEM who
    made the hardware.

    But why do you want to? Why not try Windows 7 instead. It has the same
    (actually much better) handwriting functionality built in as well as
    (apparently) supporting multi-touch, is available retail or OEM and is
    much, much better.

    I have Win 7 running on a five year old Tablet PC and it works fine.
    Invalid, Feb 3, 2010
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  3. You are out of luck.
    The XP TabletPC edition never was sold separately. It was only handed
    out by the hardware manufacturers.

    Instead if XP you might use either Vista or Win7 which both have the
    TabletPC features built in. And in addition Win7 comes with the new
    touch-screen and multitouch features.

    Rainald Taesler, Feb 4, 2010
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