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Which Card to use in which computer

Discussion in 'ATI' started by frizzle, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. frizzle

    frizzle Guest


    I have 2 computers running XP. One is my recording studio computer that I
    always try and have as high end as I can afford. The other is my home
    computer that is more for fun (games, email, etc.) I have the Sapphire 7500
    in my studio box running dual monitors. That system is all about efficiency
    (more tracks/ and plugins, etc.; I run that at a lower video resolution for
    better performance. The real draw on the video card is redraws while the CPU
    is working hard. I have a ATI 9000 pro on the way that I plan on putting in
    my home box. Would there be any performance advantages gained by putting the
    9000 in my studio box? The studio box is a AMD2500+ Barton with 1gig of 2700
    DDR memory and a Gigabyte MB with KT400 chipset, I believe it supports
    AGP8x. The home box is a PIII1000mhz with 640 700mhz rambus ram, a Intel
    vc820 MB, that I believe supports 2 or 4 x's AGP. I only use one monitor on
    the home box. Currently I have a 32MB ATI rage fury in the home box. The
    real question is, what video card should I put in which computer?
    frizzle, Sep 13, 2003
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