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Which Catalyst drivers and MMC do I need?!?!?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Bitsbucket, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Bitsbucket

    Bitsbucket Guest

    Hi everyone, and happy NEW YEAR!
    Now my question/rant.....
    I have an AIW 9000 currently running the disk supplied drivers and MMC it is
    MMC 8.1 How the heck are you supposed to know what MMC you can use and what
    is Catalyst? I have tried to update before, (disaster, went back to the disk
    supplied drivers and MMC) and am really amazed with all the ATI drivers
    available, that they do not have a system like microsoft update that detects
    your chip and then recommends which drivers to use. They also say to run the
    new (which I guess means the latest MMC you have to order a freaking disk!)
    what a crock. I have been a faithful user of ATI products for years, but if
    they don't get their driver crap together, I will buy a NVIDIA based video
    card and then just add a Hauppauge TV card.
    ANY help is GREATLY appreciated......I guess I am running a "legacy" product
    so I'm not important anymore, or they are just making it difficult so I'll
    buy NEW, well that isn't going to happen!
    Thanks in advance,

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    Bitsbucket, Jan 9, 2006
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  2. Bitsbucket

    T Shadow Guest

    First off the only reason to get a new disc is to upgrade the DVD player, or
    if you lost the disc. ATI's player isn't very good so if you wanted to
    upgrade it, you'd probably want a 3rd party player anyway. DVD Player
    includes the MPG2 codec so you need one installed.

    To upgrade drivers just go to the Customer Care page> in the column at the
    far left click on Drivers and Software> Your operating system(XP in my
    case)> All-in-Wonder> Radeon> Catalyst 5.13

    Basically the Cats are the hardware drivers (MMC is the software). They are
    for all Radeons. It will install the correct display drivers for your card.
    If you look at the Low Speed downloads, these 3 files are what's in the High
    Speed download file.
    The WDM integrated drivers are the capture drivers for the AIW.
    Display Drivers are for the video card.
    Catalyst Control Center(CCC) is what's used to control the display drivers.
    Read all of the release note and install in the proper order. Then install
    files on MMC page in the proper order. Since you've already had problems it
    may be a good idea to use the Cat Uninstaller to clean things out before

    The fly in the ointment at the moment is if you use the CCC you have to have
    M$'s .net. Which you can get by updating Windows. If you click on the
    Previous drivers you may be able to get a version that doesn't need CCC(uses
    Control Panel instead). 5.10 and IIRC 5.11 don't require CCC. What you see
    on that page may depend on whether your registered or not. BTW Cat releases
    are listed by year and month of release. the Dec 2004 release is 4.12, Jan
    2005 is 5.1. This year ATI has a bonus 5.13 release.

    Good Luck
    T Shadow, Jan 10, 2006
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  3. Bitsbucket

    Sleepy Guest

    Firstly I agree that ATIs drivers are very poor and my next card will
    definitely be Nvidia too. As far as updating drivers are concerned its only
    really necessary if the new drivers fix a problem youre having so if your
    card works fine then stick with original disc and save the pennies for your
    next card. The fact that the DVD player update requires an original CD and
    cant simply detect that you have an AIW card is just bloody stupidity by
    ATI. Ive had a Geforce2 then ATI 9100 then Geforce4 then ATI 9700 - Ive also
    used an AIW9700 Pro and compared it with a separate TV card (a £30 nicam
    stereo job). Nvidias drivers are generally more reliable in my experience
    and the MMC software is a pain in the ass plus the image quality of TV
    through an AIW is pretty ordinary. I just took the AIW 9700 PRO out of my
    brothers PC and fitted a 6800 as he's decided to ditch ATI and we're both
    very impressed with the new card and he's happy with the simplicity of
    Nvidias drivers. He's played COD2, Q4 and FEAR with the new card with great
    results and no problems. The final straw is that ATI is trying to force the
    Catalyst Control Centre on all customers and its pure bloatware.
    Sleepy, Jan 10, 2006
  4. Bitsbucket

    Bitsbucket Guest

    Thanks for all the help, I got it figured out, but definitely will be
    dropping ATI next time in favor of nVidia, and a Hauppauge TV card.....
    Thanks a million!

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    Bitsbucket, Jan 10, 2006
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