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which CPU p4 are supported by AOpen AX4C MAX mobo

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by D. Phan, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. D. Phan

    D. Phan Guest

    Hi there,
    I am after a CPU P4 for my mobo AOpen AX4C MAX
    i kave known that my mobo only supports CPU P4
    1.6-3.06GHz /S478 /533 or 800Mhz FSB. however, the
    following (cited from a review at
    make me dare not to decide a CPU P4 for it
    "'With the switch to i875P chipsets it is
    important to mention that the AOpen AX4C Max only
    supports Pentium 4 processors which run on a 533
    MHz or 800 MHz FSB. Users with 400 MHz FSB
    Pentium4 (Williamette or Northwood) and socket 478
    Celeron processors are simply out of luck.'"
    Is that means mobo of AX4C MAX can not support all
    Northwood and Williamtte even 478sockets and
    800Mhz FSB?
    my mobo is a Canterwood anyway.Please give me a
    correct answer, I can choose a right CPU P4 for my
    I am much appreciated
    D. Phan, Sep 30, 2004
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