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Which Display drivers to install - Remote Wonder II doesn't work

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Guest, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have recently purchased and installed a 9600XT All-in-Wonder
    graphics card. Though I am computer literate enough to have recently
    built the computer in which the graphics card has been installed, I
    find trying to decipher and understand ATI technologies is extremely
    complicated and very confusing. Sorry to be such a dummy about this,
    but I'm hoping some of you can assist with what you might think are
    simple and basic questions.

    What leads to this need for better understanding is the fact that I
    had difficulty with the initial installation of the drivers and
    associated files (MMC, Remote Wonder, etc) that came with the ATI
    9600XT. Thinking it might have been because I needed to upgrade my
    Windows XP to SP-2, I installed Service Pack 2, completly uninstalled
    the existing ATI drivers and re-installed the drivers from the CD
    which came with the card.

    Because I still have a few issues I'm thinking of installing the
    updated drivers from the ATI website. (Catalyst 4.10.26a ??)
    When I go to the site to find the drivers I'm given two options to

    1) Display Driver Control Panel and WDM Capture Driver
    2) Display Driver, CATALYST Control Center and WDM capture driver

    I honestly do not know which of the two I should download and install.

    (Just what IS the CATALYST Control Center? I see numerous CCC
    references on this newsgroup but have no idea what it is and whether
    it is something I should install. It seems to be related and of
    interest to 3-D and gaming. While I have little interest in gaming, my
    primary interest in this graphics card has to do with capturing and
    burning video to DVD.)

    If option 2 is the better choice for me, this option indicates I must
    have Microsoft's .Net Version 1.1 Framework installed. Just what is
    ..Net Version 1.1 Framework? I googled it and, being the layman I am,
    simply could not understand what I was reading. Can any of you be of
    assistance here? Since I am interested in video capture and not
    gaming, should I install .Net Version Framework AND option 2?

    Another issue I'm having is with the installation of Remote Wonder II.
    Simply stated, I cannot get the remote control to work and have no
    idea why. I thought it might be the batteries in the remote. But when
    I press the keys, they light up rather vigorously. When installing the
    USB antenna module, there was a problem with Windows recognizing and
    approving the drivers. I "think" it might have installed, but have no
    way of knowing whether it's receiving RF signal from the remote. It
    seems it is not. Are there any troubleshooting techiques that can be

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you may provide.


    MOTHERBOARD: P4C800-E Deluxe (Bios flashed and updated to 1016)
    CPU: P4 2.8C (Northwood) 800 FSB, 512 L-2 Cache
    HDD: WD 1200JD-00GBB - SATA (Boot Drive - mounted on Third IDE Master)
    MEMORY: 2 X 512 Crucial PC2100 RAM (Will upgrade soon to PC3200)
    VIDEO: ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder 9600XT
    DVD-CD: Sony DRU-510A DVD Writer (Mounted on Secondary IDE Master)
    PSU: Enermax EG475P-VE-SFMA-470W-SATA
    CASE: Antec P-160
    O/S: Windows XP Professional

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    Guest, Nov 20, 2004
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