which is which for SN95G5V2 in Speedfan 4.20

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by Markku Ojala, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. Markku Ojala

    Markku Ojala Guest

    With the new Speedfan 4.20 a bunch of new readings have appeared. As if
    i wasn't already confused. When using 4.19 i'd figured the three readings
    from IT8712F at ISA $290 of my SN95G5V2 mapped as follows:

    Temp1 chipset temperature ~44C
    Temp2 CPU temperature ~41C
    Temp3 MOSFET temperature ~40C

    Respectively i thought the Speedfan labels for fans and fan connectors on
    the motherboard as documented on the first page of the FN95 Mainboard
    Manual section "3 Hardware installation" relate like this:

    Fan01 extra fan at mobo connector FAN2, which is unconnected
    Fan02 chipset fan at mobo connector FAN3, ~3300RPM
    Fan03 CPU heatsink fan at mobo connector FAN1, always 0RPM

    I expected it to be some incompatibility issue that Speedfan never
    receiced useful reading for FAN1, the heatsink fan against the

    Never really figured what the LM75 at nForce 2 SMBus $4E was for. Well,
    it always reported 0C, so... Anyway, with the new Speedfan 4.20, this
    new chip, ADT7463 has appeared at SMBus $2E, along with some readings.
    Temperature readings of that chip are "Local" (37C), "Remote 2" (34C)
    and "CPU" (45C). There are also four new fan readings from the chip,
    first of which is at ~775RPM which, if i recall correctly, is rather
    close to what the BIOS reports for my heatsink fan. The other three fan
    readings are zero.

    My graphics adapter is a Sapphire Radeon 9600 Pro Atlantis. Maybe this
    ADT chip is on that card, and reports fan speed and temperatures from
    there. And who the hell responsible for all the dorky productnames
    these days!

    I'm puzzled by all this, i feel my brain is melting. Luckily my Shuttle

    Oh one more thing. I noticed on the tab labeled "Clock", one Shuttle
    motherboard is now listed, the SN45. Maybe one day all the Shuttles are
    there too. And of course i wish S.M.A.R.T. information could be read
    for my two disks in the RAID0 pack, under the integrated RAID controller.

    Ok TIA everyone, i wish we had some sort of a database of these mappings
    on the Internet. This seems to pop up every now and then on the
    SFFTech Shuttle forum[0] too.

    All of you have noticed that you can change labels of things in Speedfan
    my selecting them in the configurator and punching F2, which is the usual
    Windows rename shortcut? The right mousebutton doesn't offer a
    contextmenu as it often does.

    [0] at http://forums.sudhian.com/categories.aspx?catid=43

    ..mace --- 0210 + +
    Markku Ojala, Feb 16, 2005
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