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Which mobo to use with XP 2800+ 333 Mhz. ?

Discussion in 'AMD Thunderbird' started by Ben in TN, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. Ben in TN

    Ben in TN Guest

    Ok, I'm about to build a new pooter and I haven't been keeping up with the
    latest and greatest. My current computer is a XP 1800+ on an Abit KR7A mobo
    with a gig of ram. Anyway, it looks like the XP 2800+ 333 Mhz. is the best
    chip for the money on Pricewatch.com. @ $115 so I was wondering if any of
    you could point me towards a good motherboard that would compliment that CPU
    as good as possible for a decent price. I have already bought a Seagate 160
    gig SATA 150 hard drive and some Kingston Value RAM PC3200. The RAM came
    with 2 256 meg sticks per package and I bought 2 packages of the stuff to
    get a gig. So I'm looking for a motherboard that will work well with that
    type of RAM and with a XP 2800+ 333 Mhz. Oh yeah, I don't want on board
    sound or video since I am a gamer and already have a good video and sound
    card. Unless the on board video card was quite a bit better than my current
    GeForce 4 4200 Ti with 128 Megs of RAM. I will also say that ever since
    building my last computer I was very impressed with that Abit motherboard so
    it wouldn't hurt my feelings at all to buy another Abit mobo although I am
    still pretty open minded about any brands of motherboards. I've pasted the
    specs of that RAM below in case that made any difference about which
    motherboards would work well with that type of RAM. I'd also like to hear
    about any review websites that have tested motherboards that would work well
    with the other parts I want to use. Thanks much in advance.


    Kingston Value RAM's KVR400AK2/512R is a kit of two 32M x 64-bit (256MB)
    DDR400 CL3 SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM) memory modules. Total kit capacity is
    512MB. Thecomponents on each module include eight 32M x 8-bit (8M x 8-bit x
    4 Bank) DDR400 SDRAM in TSOP packages.

    Clock Cycle Time (tCK) 5ns (min.) / 10ns (max.)

    Row Cycle Time (tRC) 55ns (min.)

    Refresh Row Cycle Time (tRFC) 70ns (min.)

    Row Active Time (tRAS) 40ns (min.) / 70,000ns (max.)

    Single Power Supply of +2.6V (+/- .1V)

    Power (IDD0) 2.184 W (operating)

    UL Rating 94 V - 0
    Ben in TN, Feb 4, 2004
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