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which motherboard for dual Xeons 3ghz (need sata, raid and agp) Any desktop sized mobos?

Discussion in 'Intel' started by Luke Piasecki, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. Hi, I'm wondering if someone here coudl help me out.
    I'm looking for dual Xeon motherboard (Xeons will be at least 3Ghz) with
    Serial-ATA, raid and AGP8 or AgpPro.
    It would be even better if the motherboard was desktop size (would fit in a
    mid tower case) - if there are such motherboards.
    I presume I'd have to change the powersupply (I currently have P4 2.53) ?
    Also, if the card accepted regular, not ECC RAM it would be a plus, too.

    Thank you for your help,
    Luke Piasecki, Dec 1, 2003
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  2. The Intel SE7505VB2 and the ASUS PC-DL should fit the bill, as
    will several others. Most dual Xeon boards are bona-fide server
    platforms, and therfore don't support AGP at all.
    Dual Xeons take up a lot of space and these motherboards
    integrate a lot of features, have more memory slots than normal,
    etc. They're therefore full size (12" x 10") and will not fit
    normal (shallow) desktop mid-tower cases, where the CD-ROM drives
    are likely to bump into motherboard components incl. RAM modules.
    Yes. Check motherboard for power supply specifications.
    These two, and others like them, are aimed primarily at the
    workstation & small server market, so they tend to use registered
    ECC memory. The Intel "Vero Beach" board above only supports ECC
    memory, whereas the ASUS preoduct will use non-ECC RAM.

    I have the Intel SE7505VB2 running Windows 2003 Server and SuSE
    version 9 Pro. "Solid like a rock" is the best description I can
    give you.

    Best regards,
    Ivan Vestergaard
    Ivan Vestergaard, Dec 2, 2003
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  3. Thanks for the help Ivan.

    Luke Piasecki, Dec 2, 2003
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