Which PCI-E Slot for USB 3.0 Card???

Discussion in 'Asus' started by NBK, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. NBK

    NBK Guest


    I own a Maximus Formula motherboard. Currently, i have the USB 3.0 card inthe secondary PCI-E video slot. I would like to move it to the black PCI-E 1.0x slot, because my two USB 3.0 hard disk drives are resting too close to the floor. Would doing effect speed of the USB 3.0 HDDs?

    NBK, Feb 14, 2013
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  2. NBK

    Rob Guest

    What USB3 card is it? It is a X1 card?
    Rob, Feb 14, 2013
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  3. NBK

    NBK Guest

    A SIIG USB 3.0 PCI-E card. It is an 1x card.
    NBK, Feb 14, 2013
  4. NBK

    Rob Guest

    In that case it should run no slower when in a 1x pcie slot.
    Max bandwidth of 1 pcie channel is 5Gbps and max for USB3 is 4.8Gbps.
    There are no USB3 devices which get anywhere near that yet.
    A typical USB3 hard drive can only sustain about 1Gbps (ie
    about 120 MB/S) although it may have tiny bursts faster than that
    (not something you'll notice in the real world.)
    Rob, Feb 14, 2013
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