Which SATA6 ports on Sabertootth X79 best for SSD

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Cyborg-HAF, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. Cyborg-HAF

    Cyborg-HAF Guest

    I will finally be getting an SSD to use as my Boot and
    Programs drive. I have an Asus Sabertooth X79 mainboard which has a
    pair of native SATA6 ports at the upper set of ports and an additional
    Marvel pair of SATA6 ports. The manual isn't very clear about SSD
    drive use. I will not be setting up a Raid, and only use the drives
    as seperate drives. I don't know if eitherport set is better for use
    with an SSD for best speed. I'll be using my existing SATA
    hard-drives for data storage use only on other ports.
    Cyborg-HAF, Mar 5, 2014
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  2. Cyborg-HAF

    Paul Guest

    2xSATA 6GBit/sec <--- Use these for SSD
    4xSATA 3Gbit/sec

    Marvell 9128
    2xSATA 6GBit/sec

    AsMedia 1061
    2xSATA 6GBit/sec

    The X79 connects via DMI, which is a relatively
    high bandwidth connection to the rest of the computer.


    The PCI Express connections on the other chips, are "thinner".
    (That is, the width of the interface, right on the 9128 chip
    and 1061 chip, would be a limitation if using 500MB/sec SSD drives.)
    I would select the Intel ports, just based on their better wiring.

    I think as well, the Marvell 9128 has a driver limitation
    on transfer rate. Later Marvell chips may have fixed this,
    so it could be a hardware issue. You can still use the Marvell
    ports, but they may not give as good a benchmark.

    You can connect the SSD as a data drive, and just use benchmarking
    utilities to measure the performance. That way, you can prove to
    yourself, which one has the highest sustained read, or the
    highest I/O command rate.

    Paul, Mar 5, 2014
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  3. Cyborg-HAF

    Cyborg-HAF Guest

    Thanks for the info. Will try this when I have funds to get
    Cyborg-HAF, Mar 6, 2014
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