Which to use, MS SP3 download or Dell Reinstallation SP3 CD.

Discussion in 'Dell' started by mm, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. mm

    mm Guest

    Which to use, MS SP3 download or Dell Reinstallation SP3 CD.

    A friend who was moving away gave me his old Dimension 4300S.

    It has XP Home SP1.

    I need to upgrade to SP3 of course.

    I think there is a difference between using a Dell Reinstallation CD
    XPSP3 versus just the SP3 download from MS.

    For example, in general, can I use the Dell Reinstall CD to install
    OVER what is there? Or is it only for *RE*installation onto a disk
    without an OS? If it is the first situation, can I upgrade this
    computer to SP3 by using a Dell SP3 CD, even though the computer
    currently has SP1?

    OTOH, in a case where some files have been deleted or corrupted (as by
    malware**), aren't there files specifically for Dell computers on the
    Reinstallation CD that wouldn't be in the MS SP3 file?

    OT3H, if there are no damaged or missing Dell-specific files, the MS
    SP3 download is all one needs, right.

    **And this computer I just got seems to have malware.

    mm, Oct 22, 2010
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  2. mm

    Ben Myers Guest

    Use the Dell XP reinstallation CD with SP3, if it is XP HOME. Saves you
    time. Saves a lot of hard drive space, cluttered up with remains of all
    the junk left behind by the installation of SP2 followed by SP3.

    The Dell XP reinstallation CDs are nothing more than the OEM Windows XP
    install CDs with a few bits added to identify them as "Dell". Then,
    when you install one on a Dell, you do not have to do the product
    activation run-around nonsense. If you install one on another brand of
    computer, you will need to change the product key to match the one on
    the XP sticker on that computer... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Oct 23, 2010
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  3. mm

    mm Guest

    Yeah, it's Home. I forgot to say that.
    Makes sense.

    Okay. Thanks a lot.
    mm, Oct 23, 2010
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