Which version of Highpoint BIOS to use for KT7-RAID?

Discussion in 'Abit' started by void, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. void

    void Guest

    I'm planning on upgrading to Windows 2000 very soon (I'm using Win98 right
    now). My KT7-RAID (revision 1.01) has an ancient BIOS (version UL), so I want
    to upgrade that to the latest version: A9.

    Abit's web site has the A9 BIOS bundled with the Highpoint BIOS 1.11.0402.
    But I can download the A9 BIOS with the latest Highpoint BIOS 2.34 from the
    sudhian.com web site. Is there any reason why Abit has bundled such an old
    version of the Highpoint BIOS with the A9 BIOS?

    I'm not using the RAID functionality, but I do have my hard drive attached to
    the Highpoint controller for the ATA100 support. Does it matter if I use the
    1.11.0402 or 2.34 version of the Highpoint BIOS?
    void, Jan 29, 2004
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  2. void

    Dave Hau Guest

    Bundling an old Highpoint bios means Abit doesn't have to do much QA testing
    on the raid functionality when they release bios A9, which is a prudent
    business decision on Abit's part considering the KT7 was already a pretty
    old product when A9 was released.

    You probably should still install the modded A9 bios with 2.34 HPT bios, one
    reason being that 48-bit LBA support was added in bios 2.32 I believe. So
    you won't be able to use a HD > 137GB with a bios older than 2.32. Also,
    the 2.34 drivers might be more reliable considering it has more bug fixes in
    them. (or less reliable depending on how you view the bug fixes.)

    - Dave
    Dave Hau, Jan 29, 2004
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  3. void

    GlassVial Guest

    Personally I use the modified A9 bios with HPT 2.35. This is the
    modded bios that supposedly correctly reports the XP cpu's and what
    not. Oh and this is for v1.0-1.2, not for 1.3 IIRC. Here's the link,
    you need to register to read the thread and download the BIOS file:


    Thanks go to erik(c) for posting this link awhile back. Oh, and
    keeping the drivers matching I believe there was one of the cards on
    highpoint's website that had the 2.35 driver. I don't recall which
    one just take a look.
    GlassVial, Jan 30, 2004
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