Who Can I call At HP for a Notebook in Service Ctr several Days??

Discussion in 'HP' started by Bill, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. Bill

    Bill Guest

    A week and a half ago I was instructed and sent in my 3 week old HP
    Pavilion ze4430us Notebook due to squealing hardrive. Beginning last
    week and up to today I have e-mailed and called daily for an update
    and get nothing but major BS Job from the service.

    All they offer is first 3-5 days then it went to 5-7 days and here it
    is today 11 days. And All I hear is its in another section and they
    can't tell me what the hold up is.

    The drive is a standard 40gig and not on a Backorder.

    I had also found out that the drive is a customer replacable unit and
    the notebook did not need to be returned.

    I have spoken to and received numerious e-mails form different people
    and not one was able to get me any info.

    I need an e-mail address and phone number to some one that can find
    out what the real issue is and can get the problem resolved.

    Anyone else out there with any info?
    Bill, Sep 22, 2003
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