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Who can ID this product?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Raydad2002, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. Raydad2002

    Raydad2002 Guest

    Hi group!,

    My name is Ray and I have a question about a particular computer
    product. For those who go to CompUSA a lot, this question is for you.
    I was there about 3 weeks and say this product who's name I can't seem
    to recall. I believe it was a hard drive, it was gray or transparent
    (I forgot) but it was about the size and shape of a deposit box with a
    handle on top. I vividly remember the box it came in, though. It had
    about 4-5 business people on the box rushing to work with these boxes
    airbrushed in hand(!)
    So with this description, anybody here remember the product?
    Raydad2002, Dec 24, 2003
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  2. Raydad2002

    Ron Cook Guest

    Hash: SHA1
    After a quick look at CompUSA's website it appears that you saw a hard drive
    carrying case. The listed price was about US $20.00
    The website didn't have an image available, however.

    Product Number:50264660
    Brand: Maxtor

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    Ron n1zhi

    Version: GnuPG v1.2.2 (GNU/Linux)

    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
    Ron Cook, Dec 24, 2003
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