Why is it so hard to do business with Dell

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Art Vandolay, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Art Vandolay

    Art Vandolay Guest

    Last Wednesday I ordered a Dell system through their online ordering system.
    The system came to around $2400. During the checkout process I supplied my MC
    number. Dell asks if there is a daily limit on the card. Of course, everyone
    has a daily limit. Mine was $1500.

    Assuming they asked what the limit was I simply figured they would break the
    amount up and make two separate withdrawls. Yhey claim they don't access the
    funds until they ship your PC. Apparently this is not true as within 3 hours I
    received an email advisin me that the credit card comapny rejected

    I called the bank the next morning and was told Dell attempted to withdraw the
    full amount. The failed authorization put my order on hold. So I called the
    800 number listed in the email and told there was no problem with busting up
    the amounts and doing two separate transactions. The fellow even told me how
    much he was withdrawing at that moment and the balance the next day.

    After waiting until Saturday and seeing no change in order status and no
    activity in my bank account I called Dell to see what the problem was.

    I was passed around to at least three people. None of them seemed to
    understand what my problem was or how it could be rectified. Finally I got
    ahold of one lady who understood, said there was no problem however she needed
    to transfer me to another person. After 30 minutes of being on hold I
    cancelled my order.

    I then received an email from Dell asking me to reconsider and sine I was such
    an esteemed customer they would provide me with a $90 coupon to use if I
    reordered. They asured me this problem would be rectified if I reordered.

    And so I did. ANd the same problem has occurred. I've tried all day to
    straighten this simple matter out and no one at Dell has the intelligence to
    handle this simple transaction.

    Dell is a hi-tech company building hi-tech computers but can not handle a
    lo-tech transaction? LOL!

    The customer service I have received from Dell over the past few days is the
    worst I have ever encountered. It's almost laughable. So screw Dell. I've
    just cancelled the second order and tomorrow I'll head down to the store, buy a
    case, a power supply a motherboard and all the extras and build my own.

    I'll probably be better off anyway.
    Art Vandolay, Feb 21, 2005
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  2. Art Vandolay

    zippitydudu Guest

    Consider yourself lucky. I had an order get into a weird status and it took
    me over 20 hours on the phone speaking to I don't know how many people in
    various depts. only to be told nobody could fix the problem because nobody
    had access to all of the information. Seems it required a conference call
    between 2-3 people in various depts. to get it cleared. Your situation
    seems like a scenario they should deal with many times a day. Sounds like
    sheer incompetence on their part.
    zippitydudu, Feb 21, 2005
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  3. Art Vandolay

    BigJim Guest

    I know people who charge automobiles on their cards, it is your fault for
    having the limit.
    BigJim, Feb 21, 2005
  4. Art Vandolay

    Jerry Park Guest

    Note also that requesting authorization for payment is not the same as
    charging the account.
    Jerry Park, Feb 21, 2005
  5. Hi Vandolay,

    Last month I ordered a Precision 670 worth over $5000USD and because
    of their mistake (they added an additional 20'' FP for free) they
    put my order on-hold for more than one moth with my card already
    charged from the first day. I had been through their customer
    no-care madness for a month with my order cancelled and restarted
    3 times!

    DELL sales department sucks, DELL Customer no-care sucks even more,
    and Technical support which is the best of the three I made a call the
    other day and the technical person told me on the phone "Dear Giovanni
    I can not give you an answer right now, do you know Google? please open
    Google type your question and you will get lot of answers ... " really
    The $90 coupon was nice, you could easily end up getting your PC for
    free given they would (and they ussually do) repeat the same mistake
    many times.

    Giovanni Azua, Feb 21, 2005
  6. Art Vandolay

    WSZsr Guest

    I have never heard of a daily limit on a Master Card. I have no daily
    limits on any of the cards I hold.


    Jerry Seinfeld.
    WSZsr, Feb 21, 2005
  7. Art Vandolay

    Keith Guest

    Regardless of the CC limit, Dell sucks at customer service. I ordered an
    Axim from them about 6 months ago. The unit arrived with no sync cable.
    After 2 weeks of phone calls, I finally gave up and sent the thing back.
    Keith, Feb 21, 2005
  8. Art Vandolay

    Bea Xxxx Guest

    Reading these posts of what Dell can get away with really sickens me and
    makes me so grateful I learned my lesson "before" purchasing. What is
    worse about this is that Consumer Reports gives Dell great marks on
    every facit including "Customer Service" or it seems with Dell it should
    be "Customer DISservice".

    I wrote to Consumer Reports about their report on Dell and how it was
    misleading to people like myself trying to learn about companies. I
    requested they do a recheck on Dell and write a new report giving us the
    "real" truth about what is going on with Customer Service at Dell.
    Maybe if some of you will take your anger and put it in some emails to
    Consumer Reports or others who oversee these industries, we can at least
    put out a notice to Dell that we aren't just sitting back allowing them
    to get away with this type of Customer "Abuse". And yes, to me, it is
    customer abuse to put people through this who entrust their hard earned
    dollars to you.

    Also, there is an old saying that for each "one" person who complains
    there are 100 others who feel the same but stay silent. If this is
    true, after all the negative posts against Dell I have been reading in
    just 2 days, there are THOUSANDS of people who are very angry at Dell!
    Dell needs to get its act together!

    To whatever a "Delbot" is, I gather you are still "pro-Dell" if you
    don't want us to be so upset with Dell, why don't YOU write to Dell and
    tell them to look in to their ridiculous "no-Customer Service". I would
    love to be able to buy that Dell computer but not from this type of
    company. Thank you for your help in this matter.

    Bea Xxxx, Feb 21, 2005
  9. Art Vandolay

    Tom J Guest

    If you let the post to this newsgroup sway you, more than Consumer
    Reports, in what and where you buy computer supplies and equipment,
    you are going to be making even bigger mistakes. Just go to any
    non-moderated newsgroup dedicated to any service or product and you
    see the newsgroup inundated with negative post. For every unhappy Dell
    customer, there are 99 happy customers. You don't get to be #1 by
    having every customer unhappy with you and your product.

    The person that started this thread for example, would not have a
    problem with Dell if he had his ducks in a row before he placed the
    order. He knew his credit was not good enough to make such an
    expensive purchase and he tried to make it anyway. Now he faults Dell
    for his limited credit. If in fact the credit card company would OK
    the total amount of the purchase, a single call to the credit card
    company in advance of making the purchase would have gotten an OK for
    a single specified charge.

    I bought my 1st Dell over 4 years ago and my last Dell last November
    and I have had no problems doing business with Dell, the same as the
    majority of Dell's customers.

    Tom J
    Tom J, Feb 21, 2005
  10. I bought my 1st Dell over 4 years ago and my last Dell last November
    Could you please point to the survey web site where the majority
    of Dell's customers express their complete satisfaction?
    Giovanni Azua, Feb 21, 2005
  11. Could you please point to the survey web site where the majority

    Be careful while posting on it, as you may be found to
    be a covered DELL employee ... aren't you?

    Giovanni Azua, Feb 21, 2005
  12. Art Vandolay

    Notan Guest

    Could you please point to the survey web site where the majority
    of Dell's customers express their complete dissatisfaction?

    Notan, Feb 21, 2005
  13. Art Vandolay

    Linebacker Guest

    Yes, same problem, no one knows anything. You are transferred from one person
    to the other. If their CS reps have to deviate from their prepared
    scripts....it's a major glitch.

    Well so much for their hi-tech online ordering system. As I previosuly stated
    when submitting the order and utilizing a bank or debit card they
    specifically ask if there is a daily limit on the account. Why certainly,
    everyone has a daily limit. One would assume they ask this in order to split
    the purchase price up and submit more than one withdrawl.

    Apparently it is supposed to be done but the option isn't working. After
    several hours and emails trying to straighten this matter out I got ahold of a
    young lady this morning who straighted the entire matter out in less than a
    minute and deducted 1/3 this morning and a 1/3 the next two days.

    I explained the problem came from their online ordering. She advised me several
    people had encountered this problem and apparently the option didn't work when
    ordering. As you say, this probably happens to everyone who uses online
    ordering. Yet they want you to contact the bank and straighen the matter out.
    My bank won't raise limits over the phone you have to go to the branch and wait
    to see a CS rep and that usually takes an hour or more. I wasn't about to do

    Seems Dell is creating much extra work and frustration for nothing.

    Really it was quite a laughable situation over a very simple matter.
    Linebacker, Feb 21, 2005
  14. Art Vandolay

    Tom J Guest

    You said you had Consumer's report.

    No one seems to have "Complete Satisfaction" with anything they buy
    anymore and I never said they did. My left shoe feels fine but the
    right shoe is a little tight - that type of thing.

    Tom J
    Tom J, Feb 21, 2005
  15. Art Vandolay

    Linebacker Guest

    Hey moron, I have excellent credit and thousands in the bank. The bank set the
    default limit when I opened the account. I very rarelyt use the debit card,
    this is only maybe the 20th time in over a year with this bank.

    I don't use credit cards, ever. I pay cash and haven't had to use a credit
    card in over 15 years. It was a debit card. Do you understand the difference?

    The default limit is placed in order to protect one from theft and limit
    liability. Since the money is in the account there was no problem on my end.

    Obviously you do not understand the option Dell provides on it's online
    ordering. Turns out it's there for exactly the reason I stated, but apparently
    it does not work. Go figure. Some hi-tech company. LOL!

    Now go out and charge a meal at Burger King on your card and STFU.
    Linebacker, Feb 21, 2005
  16. Art Vandolay

    Bea Xxxx Guest

    I bought my 1st Dell over 4 years ago and my
    For your information, Sir, I am not so stupid as to base my purchasing
    decisions on discussion group input. I also doubt that you can speak for
    the "majority" of Dell's customers. I spent the entire day researching
    comments about Dell and this is how I came to my conclusion.

    I wonder how you will handle it when your turn comes up and Dell treats
    you like crap with their Customer Service. You may be someone who can
    handle a lot of his own computer problems and have no need to hassle
    with their "no-customer service" but some of us unfortunately have to
    depend on these people for help. Have a nice day.

    Bea Xxxx, Feb 21, 2005
  17. Art Vandolay

    Linebacker Guest

    They pffered me another coupon for $75 which I accepted. What a bunch of
    morons. Terrible customer service
    Linebacker, Feb 21, 2005
  18. Art Vandolay

    Linebacker Guest

    BWAHAHA you have a limit! It's just higher then mine. Giddy-uP!
    Linebacker, Feb 21, 2005
  19. Art Vandolay

    Linebacker Guest

    This oweuld be my thord Dell system I currently have a five year old XPST700r
    which the only problem I have had is two bad modems and two hard drives that
    expired prematurely. They replaced the items under warranty.

    I have written a letter to Mr. Dell regarding his poor customer service. I'm
    sure he's heard it all before and my letter will just be thrown in the pile.
    Linebacker, Feb 21, 2005
  20. Art Vandolay

    Notan Guest

    If customer sevice is so bad, why is this your "thord" system?

    Notan, Feb 21, 2005
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