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Why is text display so blur? Wrong chip type??

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by K. W., Feb 16, 2004.

  1. K. W.

    K. W. Guest


    I got a Predator GF4 MX440 8X AGP card (MD-NV4408X)installed on my
    AMD (nForce2 Ultra 400) PC with WinXP Pro. But the text looks so
    muddy. There are light gray shades to the left of the texts, making
    them hard to read. The convergence of the monitor is fine. With my old
    GF2 MX400 card, the texts look sharp. Isn't that GF4 MX440 a better
    Besides, the device manager identifies the card as: "NVIDIA GEForce4
    MX 440SE with AGP8X." Isn't this an MX440 or MX440-8X card, why does
    it say 440SE?

    Is this a hardware problem or software problem? Please help.


    K. W., Feb 16, 2004
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  2. K. W.

    D.L. Guest

    You are experiencing the same problem I just had 2 days ago with a brand new
    FX5900. Ghosted text. It's horrible. I contacted tech support and all I
    could get was the standard babble about updating drivers, etc...even though
    I was very specific in the fact that I'd done all of that stuff.

    I fixed it though. I took the card back and got an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro.
    All I can say is WOW! What a difference. I've never had text or high
    contrast this crisp and sharp. The 3D performance is every bit as good, if
    not better, than that of the FX5900.

    I'm definitely an ATI convert now. It's going to be quite a while before I
    waste time and money on another Nvidia card.
    D.L., Feb 17, 2004
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  3. K. W.

    Kent_Diego Guest

    If it's not the refresh rate or the monitor, it's the card. Test monitor by
    replacement, then RMA the card if possible.

    Kent_Diego, Feb 17, 2004
  4. K. W.

    Mike Guest

    If you buy a Generic brand of card, what kind of performance do you expect
    to get out of it? Nvidia doesn't make the card. They make the GPU,
    everything else used on the card is up to the manufacturer. If they use
    shitty components, then you've got a shitty card, even if it's a Geforce FX
    5950 Ultra GPU.

    AMD Athlon 64 3200+
    Corsair TWINX1024-3200C2PRO matched pair
    PNY Verto GeForce FX 5900 SE
    Maxtor 160GB SATA 7200 8MB
    Emprex DVD Dual 8x DVDRW
    LG 16x DVD
    Antec TruePower PSU 350W
    Windows XP Home
    Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Optical mouse
    Total Cost: $1556.94, All bought at Fry's Electronics
    at retail costs. Would have been cheaper if bought online.

    Try to beat that with the latest Intel crap!
    Mike, Feb 17, 2004
  5. K. W.

    Jase Guest

    Which manufacturers do you class as generic and which are named .
    As with most products the big name does not mean quality
    Jase, Feb 17, 2004
  6. K. W.

    BelaLvgosi Guest

    True, I had both a creative ti200 (msi rebadged model, even had msi ref. on
    the pcb) and an herc gf2mx a (bought when they came out, relatively
    expensive at that time) and until I tried a ti4200 8x bought new for cheap
    (wich is also another creative model made by msi) I saw that there was a
    way big difference, my latest buy was a gainward 5900 1100 and vga output is
    as good, with vivid colours and contrast, unlike the other two cards who
    looked washed and blured. Funny to see it all depends on a cheap part of the
    card wich makers don't seem to value.
    BelaLvgosi, Feb 18, 2004
  7. K. W.

    tq96 Guest

    Which manufacturers do you class as generic and which are named .
    Perhaps, but there are some names that jump out as "budget" like Mad Dog or
    Inland. (I shudder to think if Inland tried to make a high performance
    video card.)
    tq96, Feb 18, 2004
  8. K. W.

    tikhomirov Guest

    Here is my review of this card on epinions.com. There it would be difficult
    to find it, epinions is a commercial web site, and they dug it far, far
    deep, so that nobody could ever find it. If you search for this Mad Dog
    Predator card on epinions.com, your are led immediately to the merchant web
    site to buy it, no sleasy so called "reviews", nice and easy. NET, GET A

    So, here you are:

    Feb 17 '04 (Updated Feb 19 '04)

    Author's Product Rating
    Tow stars out of 5

    Cheap, impressive specs and add-ons

    Fuzzy picture, freezes after 2 hours of work, fan starts to roar after
    1 month.

    The Bottom Line
    If shades to the right of vertical lines at >60Hz, or it freezes or
    the fan is noisy, bring the card back. ATI Radeon9100 for $50-60 is a better

    Full Review
    Got this card from Office Max on December 9, 2003. The price was
    right, the card had TV-out, two video-outs, one of which is
    analogue/digital, 64 MB very fast DDR memory and all niceties of GF MX440-8X
    chip, which is claimed to be faster than GF FX5200. MX440-8X does not
    support DirectX-9 in hardware, however. Nice picture at 120 Hz in 768X1024

    The card kept freezing, however, while the rest of the computer was
    still running (including Internet sharing, sound, printing). Sometimes after
    2 minutes Windows could switch to VGA mode and give a diagnostics that there
    are problems with video adapter. It was happening after 2 hours of work and
    could be cured by re-starting the computer.

    In February a terrible fan noise started. I went to Office Max and
    they were kind enough to exchange it for a new card, same model, sealed in
    plastic. Brought it home, tore the plastic and found a used board with dusty
    heatsink. Plugged it in and here is this loud sound from the fan bearing
    again (the serial # was different on the board, however)!

    Conclusion: on cards with green-colored PCB and golden-anodized sink
    watch for fan bearing logevity!

    I brought the card back and Office Max gave me another one. Now it was
    with a silver heat sink and red PCB. See a 128 MB version here:

    http://www.primetek.com.hk/vga_MX440 8X DDR.html

    Plugged it in and after several re-starts with showing garbage on the
    screen it came alive. The fan is quiet this time. However, there are shades
    to the right of any vertical black, blue, red or yellow line or letter. I
    checked my monitor replacing this card with Permedia-2 PCI (Video Blaster
    Exxtreme), which is 8 years old: no shades at 100 Hz. This means that the
    monitor is fine. Put back the Mad Dog, re-installed the recent NVidia
    drivers - shades again! Hooked the DVI via a DVI-to-VGA adaptor: no
    improvement. Do not know if this one was freezing after 2 hours, though.

    Replaced it with another red-colored board (these, in contrast to
    olive-colored, have a bar graph on the box, not a table, comparing
    performance, and the box does not say "DVI-to-VGA adapter" included, which
    is true). Same fuzzy text, dark picture. It crashes, if "fast writes" are
    enabled in the BIOS of VIA KT400 motherboard from Biostar (M7VIT Pro).

    Finally found in another Office Max the right box without the dreadful
    bar graph and bought it! The text is razor sharp at 120 Hz, and I have a
    21-inch HP P1100 ($120 + tax, after-lease on a computer show, can't beat
    it). "Fast writes" are enabled without problem. Now typing this review
    looking at it.

    I am under the impression now that in case of this "budget" card
    version (red board, 4 Samsung-343 memory chips, 4 memory positions vacant,
    silver "Primetek" heat sink, no label "Made in Taiwan, smaller in length,
    BIOS from January 2003), Mad Dog is collecting a non-standard grade of
    product run from original equipment manufacturer, while better testing cards
    are sold elsewhere. Or maybe the entire run is like that.

    Their re-packaging of a used returned product and selling it as new
    does not speak favorably of them either.

    Mad Dog used to perform better in the past. Are they under financial
    stress now?


    Amount Paid (US$): 34 after reb

    tikhomirov, Feb 20, 2004
  9. K. W.

    K. W. Guest

    Thanks for your detailed description. If you saw your review, I
    probably wouldn't buy this card in the first place. I too was driven
    by its impressive specs for a budget card. No more. I got myself a
    Gigabyte ATI 9200 from Newegg, couldn't be happier. I tried my
    friend's PNY FX5200 with good display. So it is not Nvidia or ATI, I
    guess, but more of the vendor/manufacturer.

    FYI: Mine is a dark brown (olive?) PCB. The board doesn't look
    fresh at a first glance. So I suspect it is re-packaging of a used
    returned product as you pointed out.

    The previous posts from other people also confirmed it is a
    hardware problem. I just don't have the patience to try another one.
    Even my very old PC with on-board video has much sharper texts. This
    board is just a trash. I wonder why OfficeMax allow this kind of card
    on their shelf.

    Thanks for all the responses. I guess I'll take the advice to stay
    away from those vendor with shitty components.



    K. W., Feb 22, 2004
  10. A good "made in Taiwan" olive-PCB "Predator" card from Mad Dog has an
    MX440-8X chip.

    A bad "Made in China" Predator card from Mad Dog made by PrimeTek with red
    PCB had an MX440SE-8X chip.

    Maybe this was the reason for the difference in picture quality (or the
    absence of any quality whatsoever for the red sub-species), or some other
    smaller components on the red board are out of spec. I told the manager of
    Office Max that it is in their best interest to send back all of these
    cards. A lot of innocent consumers will suffer an eye strain.

    Maybe the red cards are still OK for a digital hookup?
    Alexander Pushkin, Feb 24, 2004
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