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Why poor quality video via ATI AIW / MMC TV???

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Adam White, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Adam White

    Adam White Guest

    I just bought an ATI All in Wonder Radeon 7500 video adaptor. I'm
    using the TV Viewer / Personal Video Recorder software to capture
    input from a VHS tape deck. The quality of the video is bad and I'm
    trying to figure out why ... I bought the AIW card thinking I would be
    upgrading my video capture capabilities ... not taking a step

    The scene I'm using to test my new ATI card is handled just fine using
    the same PC but different "preview hardware/software" (see end of
    message for details).

    I think this problem is related to the ATI's "TV software" DISPLAY
    capabilities more than the CAPTURE capabilities. The "bad quality
    video" I'm referencing shows up when I preview/watch the video in the
    ATI TV viewer, even before I capture it. And I see the same bad
    quality if I go ahead and capture the video, burn the digital video
    onto a DVD, and then play it on my set-top DVD player (on the TV). The
    problem is there at every step along the way (i.e., the CAPTURE
    process is working fine ... it's just that what's being captured is
    not good!).

    The "bad video" I'm referencing involves "jagged edges" on what should
    be smooth vertical lines. For example, person standing in front of
    wroght-iron fence ... the bars in the fence should be straight and
    smooth ... the person's silouette should be smooth (but not straight).
    In both cases, on my display, what should be straight edges are jagged

    I can post an image showing this phenomenom, if that would be helpful.
    In fact, I can post two images ... one showing the problem (as it is
    with the ATI card) and one showing the same image but with NO problem
    (video captured on same PC, using different setup ... no ATI hardware
    or software).

    Any ideas on why this is happening or how I can correct it? I've tried
    playing with the ATI TV / Personal Video Recorder "video soap"
    settings, and other ones too, but none seem to make any difference.
    And I cannot find any settings in the TV viewer to change ...

    My PC's has Soyo Dragon Lite P4X400 mobo, with Intel Pentium 2.4 Ghz
    CPU, 1.5 GB DDR SDRAM, the ATI video adaptor, etc. I have loaded
    VIA's Hyperion drivers version 4.48, ATI MMC 8.9 (even though the TV
    application says "8.1" on the splash screen), and 7.991 ATI video
    drivers ( Radeon driver).

    The setup used to capture my "test" video was:
    1. Configuration that works (no "jaggeds"): VHS deck connected to Sony
    digital camcorder (where MPEG2 encoding takes place) which is then
    connected to PC via IEEE 1394 cable. Ulead VideoStudio7 used to
    capture (really just transfer) video.
    2. Configuration that does not work (introduces "jaggeds"): VHS deck
    connected to "input head" that came with ATI AIW card, which in turn
    is connected to the AIW card. ATI TV 8.1 / Personal Video Recorder
    used to catpure the video.

    Adam White, Apr 16, 2004
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  2. I have an AIW 7500. It is not too tolerant of imperfections in the
    video signal.

    My VCRs are a bit long in the tooth, so I ended up getting a new one
    to get good recordings on some of my tapes. I got a low end JVC SVHS
    for about $129.

    I also have a DVICO Fusion II which isn't so bothered by out of spec
    video. Unfortunately it seems to add sampling artifacts to the analog
    audio during recording.
    Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX, Apr 17, 2004
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  3. Adam White

    donna Guest

    Adaptive De-Interlacing for DVD Playback

    The de-interlacing feature may be enabled from both ATI Displays (lower
    right-side button) or from the ATI Config Menu in your menu bar.

    This feature is intended for use with interlaced DVD content (often material
    that was originally shot on video, such as TV programming, or deleted scenes
    and documentaries included on many DVD titles as extras). Turning it on
    while watching non-interlaced movies may slightly degrade certain elements,
    such as static text displays. An interlaced source can easily be identified
    on a monitor; you will be able to see horizontal stripes in the video
    (easiest to see with fast moving subjects and high contrast areas).

    The feature defaults to OFF when you restart your computer.

    From ATI Displays you may enable de-interlacing on a per-card basis. From
    the ATI Config Menu you may only make a global (all cards) change. ATI
    Config Menu will show a check-mark next to the de-interlacing option if it
    is enabled for all cards and it will show a blank space if is disabled for
    all cards. If enabled only on some cards and disabled for others, it will
    show a dash (-).
    donna, Apr 20, 2004
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